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    I understand, being a new driver, that sometimes a gear can be missed at any given time. if you do miss a gear, remember: add the miles per hour together.

    Lets say you are approaching a light and you are downshifting, a 4 wheeler cuts you off ( which never happens:biggrin_25512:) and during your d-shift you have to hit the brakes and cuss the driver of the four wheeler.

    glance at your mph, if you are at 15 mph, add these 2 numbers together and it will give you 6th gear.

    now when mph drops to 10 or below: 10 is 5th, and normally you can clutch and coast to stop, then find your launch gear.
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    I just use reference points on the speedometer. Learning the range of each gear was the best way. Of course, that takes time getting familiar with the equipment. :biggrin_25525:
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    Dec 5, 2008
    Hello everyone,
    I need some advice on downshifting a eaton fuller ten speed. I can upshift fine but I cannot downshift all that well. Can anyone give me any tips/ tricks on downshifting a ten speed. I float on the upshift and downshift....tried double clucthing it really throws me off so I like to float. I just need a little adivice on what to do when floating back down from tenth on down, Thanks localtrucker
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    Use the tachometer until you get the hang of it...when the rpm's get down to 900-1000 (that varies from truck to truck), let off the go pedal, take it out of the gear its in, bump the rpm's up to 1300-1400 or so (again, it varies... you will have to find out what works for your truck), and put it in the next lowest gear, and go...

    Its hard to "explain" how to do it...and it takes some practice, especially in the low side.

    These directions are for a straight 10 transmission...I have never driven a truck with a Super 10 (and don't really want to)
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    super 10 does suck but its basically the same another thing that might help is using your left foot to tap your brake (just a touch,dont get crazy) at the same time your raising your tac to get the speed right where you want it for your gear to drop. It just takes practice, like the man said its hard to explain
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    That is the key, goose got it perfect...get your (forward movement speed) down to the lower speed/rpm blend correct, and floating or clutching will be like icing on a hot piece of cake.

    In a straight ten, shifting speeds are easy...just add the two numbers together will tell you the gear....45=9 (4+5=9) 35=8, 25=7, and so on. Tach speed depending on engine and gears usually shift up between 1100 and 1500 and reverse the rpm for the down shift. 35 mph (9th gear to 8th gear) bring tach up to 1400-1500, as you are burping the throttle bring shift stick out of 9, quick pause in neutral, with the rpms dropping to around 1250, shift stick into 8.

    Find a big open parking lot and practice using 4-5-6-5-4, it will come with practice.
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    here is the correct answer let said you go 55 miles per hour in 10 speed and you start to climb a big hill, I can remenber the rpm, I think was 1600 ok when the get to 1400 to hit clucht hit gas and shif the botom in the stick is like you go for 10 high to 10 low,ok when the rpm get 1400 again ithe truck losing power rememnber we going up hill ok you hit clucth move the botom is the stick to 10 high again is have to be quick when you are in 10 high you do chulth again and move the the hole stick to nine high and again when the rpm get low move the bottom to 9 low and again if you needed more low passing the bottom to 9 high when is in high you change the hole stick back to 6 ok good luck
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    Is it a straight 10 or a super 10? If its a super 10, 13 or 18sp I find it easier when shifting from the high side of a gear to the low side of the gear to flip the button, then pull the stick into nuetral , then put the stick back into the same hole. As for the rpm's I suggest you roll the window down, forget the tac, and odometer and practice by the sound. Every truck is different, but you should be able to up shift or down shift whenever, and at whatever rpm your at. Here's alittle somthing I tell my wife, If you can speed shift a car, you can drive a truck, same diff. Your just matching your engine speed with your road speed. Once you get the sound in your head you'll never need to look at a tac again on up or down shifting. It will come with time.Running with a tac is ok but I can take the same truck and pull a hill faster shifting by sound. And what I mean by trucks being diff. is for example a Cat engine pulls best at a lower rpm, Now the mechanical Cumins pulled best at high rpm, as did the old detroits, but you just have to get to know your truck. Listen to your truck and it will teach you! (sounds corny, I know, but its true). Just forget about all that "RPM" talk because it really doesnt matter. In time you will see what I mean by the sound. You will be able to shift every gear at a diff. RPM not just a 1400, or 1600 or whatever your being told, If you learn by sound you shift the truck at the rpm you want "500, 1250, 1500, 1800, 2300, whatever you want. Of course how high your RPM goes depends on the truck, the highest I ever seen 1 run was 27 or 2800, 30-3100 down hill. Gotta watch not to over run er though when you get that high. Stick with it, it will come with time.
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    lots of answers here so far.. here's mine.
    when you want to downshift, have gentle pressure on the stick before releasing the throttle.
    when you release the throttle... pause in neutral.... bump up the RPM... then gentle pressure into the next lower gear. it will "fall" right in when the RPM is right.
    the key is being GENTLE with the shifter, 2 fingers!
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    :biggrin_2559:LMAO OK.....
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