Dpf issues on mx 13

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  1. Route281

    Route281 Bobtail Member

    Oct 20, 2018
    Questions guy. I have several trucks, all 2020 or newer paccar engines. Getting codes spn 7332 fmi 16. Searching it up cant find anything on it. On my samsara devises says After treatment thermo management system. After several shop all which wanted to put new dpf filters and charge 1000s, i replaced the exhaust heat sensors. So far on the first two trucks it seemed to have worked as now they are running at less than 15% soot level. Just did the 3rd to so seeing if i get the same luck. Anyone here have any information on this code. Symptoms were slight loss of power and worse fuel economy. I am by no means a certified mechanic, just a man raised and taught that you cant run a company unless you know all ends of it from driving to mechanicing so i do as much as i can on my small fleet of 23 and try to be proactive. Ive never seen this code on the forums so if ive found a fix hopefully itll help someone else. If im wrong then maybe someone can fix me lol.
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