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    Oct 19, 2012
    100% completely agree with this. I Have worked for a drivecam company for the last few years and anyone who says that they get "used" them is lying.

    My coworker the other day couldn't even take his 13yo son on a putt putt trip around the terminal property to show his boy what it's like to be in his dads office. Scared of the camera going off. Not a way to live in my opinion.

    However, these cameras are here to stay. It's up to you as an individual what your willing to tolerate.

    To me personally, the money, benifits retirement plans and the otherwise laid back company culture due to our local middle management makes working here worth the price of the camera @ work.

    The cameras are not something I enjoy but I tolerate it.

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    I have said this before and I wonder to myself why this does not come up for discussion. Am I alone in my reasoning?
    Privacy aside , why is it the cameras that are at fault and not the daft company rules and regulations. I mean getting in the poo for having a sip of juice or a handful of nuts while driving is stupidity from a regulation point and that is the issue really. It is as if the cameras are always the villains when in fact they are just showing up stupid laws a lot of the time.
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