, Driver in Serious Condition

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    Yup not disabling ad blocker anyone have a link that wont block people with adblocker?
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    I was able to copy the text from it before the stupid anti ad block popup appeared, doesn't really provide any details. Can google "tanker overturns on us 220". First 5 pics to come up under images is the wreck.

    A tanker truck transporting milk overturned Friday morning on U.S. 220 south of Ridgeway, sending its driver to the hospital.

    Virginia State Police Trooper M.S. Zola, one of the two officers on the scene investigating the crash, said the driver was injured seriously and transported by AirCare 3, based at the Blue Ridge Airport, to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

    His identity has not been released, and a description of his injuries was not available.

    The accident occurred in the curvy section of the highway, between Browns Court and Cabin Hill Drive, just north of the North Carolina border,

    “The truck was headed south, obviously,” Zola said. “We’re not sure what caused it [the wreck], but it turned over on its right side and came to rest on the shoulder of the road.”

    Milk from the truck streamed onto the roadway for about 100 feet before running down the embankment and into a small creek.

    “A hazmat team has been called in,” Zola said.

    The right lane of the southbound side of U.S. 220 was closed for about 500 feet while cleanup operations and removal of the truck began.

    The Ridgeway Volunteer Rescue Squad, Ridgeway Fire Department, Henry County Public Safety, and the Virginia State Police responded.

    Tanker truck appeared to have struck a large embedded rock just after leaving roadway.
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    Keep mixing that milk. Add some sugar and flavoring and they are well on the way for a truckload of ice cream.
    Hopefully the driver just has the 24 hour bug that has been going around.
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    I understand the driver went thru the windshield. He is seriously injured. Little more than a "bug".
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    No seat belt?
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    That is what I have been told. Hearsay on my part.
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    No seat belt is a real possibility.

    If she slams down on the right side you go across the cab. If you slammed down on the left, you get to have glass for a diet meal.

    If you somehow roll over all the way or completely off the mountain and continue to roll? Then you are in a dryer. break a bone on contact several times a rotation. Break break break break all the way down.

    I have almost rolled my milk tanker a time or two. It does not take very much at all, just whip the wheel half way really fast and over you go. So who knows.
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    What follows is what I have been told, true or not, I do not know.

    A dog ran out in front of him and he tried to dodge it and lost control. He was pulling a 7000 or 7500 gal. tank with only about 3/4 of a load and the load shifted on him. He was not wearing a seat belt and went thru the windshield. He is in the Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem, NC in serious condition. He had tape on the camera.
    All this is what was told to me by another driver of the same company.
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    A haz mat team for milk?
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