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Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by Hawker, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. mattbnr

    mattbnr Road Train Member

    Aug 19, 2010
    does the lite version give you company specific papers to print? if not then no you need the full version. read the descriptions of both.
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  3. Palazon

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    Feb 5, 2009
    Tacoma, WA
    Last time I checked, Lite doesn't give you the printer option. But it does work well to help you keep your coloring book legal. I'd use Lite to check my logs for errors and figure out 8/2 splits when I had to use them.
  4. Rollover the Original

    Rollover the Original Road Train Member

    Jul 1, 2009
    I'll post this again! If your company supplies logs then use DDL to check your log! I did since DDL was free and we had the 8/10 hour rule. Someone said that it didn't cost that much to print a page every day. Well that's BS! Printer ink is in the stupid category when it comes to cost not to mention you have to buy the paper!OH DDL might NOT have the version of logs that your company uses.

    I'm a cheap arse! If something is free I'll take it! Besides it's easier to hand the log book over than your laptop or tell the officer "hold on while I print it out for you" Heck MY TIME is worth more than waiting for the printer to warm up, printing the page out, signing it and handing it over!

    All I would do is at the end of the day or during my day when I drew a line in the program the same line was drawn in the book. I'd copy the numbers onto my book sign the book start the next day up with my line 2 and then put the book in the door and then do my schedule for the next day on DDL so I knew what was going on and what to tell a dispatcher if they needed to know. Besides what are you going to do if someone decides they like your laptop better than you do when you run in for fuel, food or shower and you havent printed the last day out OR you screw the pooch and your laptop heads out the window to be first at the accident you just had OR the most horrifying thing in the word happens and you get the blue screen of death and everything heads to wherever the BS of death sends your life on the hard drive! OR that simple little virus that someone without a life wrote and you got! The saying BACKUP has multiple meanings and this is a good one! Use the log book as your backup! And don't rely on that flash drive either!

    Besides the paper in the log book was a lighter "weight" than regular printer paper and takes up less space in the tax folder/envelope where they all went to on the 8th of each month for that per diem count! You need ALL of your logs to file per diem and in case of an audit! Why have so much weight in that big ole office file box at home with all the rest of your taxes since you filed your first income tax return way back when you were a kid!

    Like I said I'm cheap and the cost of ink and needless paper just isn't "keeping my money in my wallet." It's a needless expense. Heck, if my company needed any "copies" of something just scan it into your documents folder and then email the file to them! If your company has moved out of the dark ages they know how to print from an email and gave up that dinosaur of a thing called FAX! Now that's a total waste of money! FYI: I always scanned all paper that was worth money into the puter every night in case I ever got that"you're missing a receipt" message! Again scan in is cheaper than printing and back those files up either in an email to yourself, on a flash drive or both! Why waste paper and ink not to mention space. This IS the digital age!

    Any way DDL is great and "most" DOT know about it but when it comes to an inspection and you hand the book to them if you tell him/her that you use DDL to check your logs they just go back a few and scan and let you go.
    Another thing is DO NOT fold your pages over in the attempt to keep an officer from looking to hard at you book! That's a laugh every time I hear a driver tell someone that the DOT "never" looks at his logs as it's a PITA to open the pages.

    Yeah, Right. It pees ME off to have to stand behind the MORON who does this as the officer calmly opens up those first 8 pages THEN keeps on going because he knows he'll be writing a ticket and every time this has happened the driver does get written up for something he goofed on and thought they wouldn't open those folded over pages!

    GEE THANKS GENUS! Now I get to lose my valuable time because you're into rocket science in the log book!

    Use it to check your self and even schedule your trips! It's the best money I ever spent while on the road...well there was this little sweet thing in Sweetwater...Oh never mind!
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