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    Feb 11, 2012
    they are banning cell phones while driving. period. goes in effect mar 1. not even with a bluetooth. as far as the job itself things has changed alot. and in my reply to the other driver im not taking up for them. but tell truth about it. not just what what makes it sound so terrible. if they told me no eating or no nap if im sleepy i would be gone. anyone would. if you stop does your 14 hour clock stop or keep ticking. he made it sound like that was exclusive to walmart. i dont know what you are doing now but i made 86k last year. 4 wks vacation, 6 paid holidays 2 personal days 4 safety days. i go to work the same day each week and go home the same day each week .never asked to run illegal. no driver at wm is. attitude has a lot to do with everything in life. maybe im foolish but i try to see the good in everything. much good in 86k
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    Aug 4, 2010
    86K sounds good..Are you on a 5-2, or 6-3, or some other combination? Is it possible to make 100K working for WM?

    I drive LTL, am a P&D driver, home everyday, but we drive junk, and they treat us like crap. Have been working for the same company for over 15 years.. I want to make the move to WM soon...Would love to get the 5-5, or the 7-7, down the road.

    I have heard everyone starts on the 5-2, and works every weekend. No driving job is perfect, but from what I have heard about WM, you are paid very good, and treated with respect, drive excellent equipment, it sounds very appealing.
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    i got a family member who has been at walmart for about 15 years. he is on the 5-2 and works every weekend. i often question him about wally world and he is honest. He says that things were better when he first started but things have changed. He said the changes have not been that bad but have moved away from the trucker being 1st. He has been over 100k for the last couple of years but he also does not take a lot of time off. I think they have to make him take his safety days. He says his job is like any other out there, there are things he likes and there are things that he does not like but he keeps a positive attitude and the days go by quicker. I asked him why does it seem like the majority of walmart drivers act like they do not like the other truckers. He responded by saying they do not have a personality criteria but said that the majority of drivers at his dc are friendly. He said since walmart is so selective a lot of their drivers are older and set in there ways. Hope this helps you.......if not it helped your reading skills LOL
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    Aug 4, 2010
    cdub304, I appreciate your response!!! As soon as I get my teenagers raised up, I plan on applying with WM. I have had enough of the LTL grind, and looking for the best place to settle in, for the next 15 years or so, until retirement...15-20 stops a day,20 year old trucks with over a million miles on them, and hurry-hurry-hurry, residential and liftgate deliveries are taking there toll on me..
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    heres as they did or did not tell me. i was hired at co. it was 5 days out 2 days off. mon- tues . .40 per mile. set schedule at least for a year. all i can say is how can i blindly jump off a cliff. i needed info to make a decision. resorted to asking other drivers and i got somewhat conflicting stories. was told at the dist. cent. you make your money on d&h. drivers said at 16.00 thats a lot of d&h. i wanted to make my money on mileage.drivers told me to prpare for shagging trailers up and down the east range for the first year.i never could pin things down.was told by dist cent. 50,000 a year thats 25-30k less. insurance basically a 10,000 dollar deductable ok if you are very healthy and single,i liked there effecient attitude but i just decided to remain a customer.i just did not have time to start over again. respect the company compared to 98% of the rest just not for me. regards
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    Feb 10, 2012
    As of this writing...4 drivers have been discharged and one pending for having accidents and talking on the phone. Two of these drivers were not on the phone at the time of the accidents, but after the accidents they were required to submit their phone records and after comparing them with their electronic logs, they found that days and weeks earlier they had been talking on the phone for longer than two minutes..in city traffic...and on the terminal lot while looking for trailers. A DOT inspection, safety observation, log discrepancy, warning ticket, incident, hard brake, hard turn, etc....will trigger a log audit and require phone records to compare with logs. The drivers got the safety dept to back down on no cell phone use to a general restrictive use which can be interpreted by the safety managers as they see fit. (just ask them) Safety is now mad and is getting revenge on the drivers!!! Getting a driver fired is a sure way to get an "atta boy" from the safety dept and enhances the safety managers prospects. Bottom line...have an accident and you can count on getting fired. :yes2557:

    Take this test...figure your next grocery load with 3 drops...use the old pay system to figure your pay..then use the new.....what you get? May suprise you. When they rolled this system out you may recall they said one weakness was that multi drops do not pay as well on the new system.Now, al we pull are multi drops.The extra pay comes from the fact that in 12 weeks we have been required to work over an extra day96 days) in all but three of them. :biggrin_25522:

    The truck wash you spoke of is a truck rinse..if you really want it clean...get out and start brushing. Bring you own soap :) Make sure you are on duty and not talking on the phone or you can get fired for log falsification or phone usage...check it out:) :biggrin_25521:

    If they are changing any part of your driving log...they and you will be fired. New rule...3 violations, step 2!!! Over on your mileage 3 coachings and you are ranked.

    Yeah, it pays good but you will find it is one of the most stressful trucking jobs out there. Open your eyes...the company has a "get them" attitude and smiling and saying everything is wonderful will not protect you from them.
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    Jun 16, 2012
    Anybody know if you guy's are still hiring in Spring Valley ILL. and how it is running out of that DC?
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    Jun 5, 2012
    Terrell Texas is hiring drivers. I work for the DC and if they drivers have the same insurance pkg as the warehouse workers its better to find insurance on your own. No co-pay and a high deductable. I am leaving the warehouse and starting to drive. A lot of people there have second jobs just to cover the hours that they dont get.
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    Normal week is 5 days on 2 off. During holiday or busy periods you will run your 70 out. You do not go home during the week unless you have a set run,and new drivers won't get those. Trust me. The new guys will start on thurs. or friday most of the time. Each center only has a limited amount of "programs" 7 on 7 off, or work two 5 day weeks then off one etc. You can get one of these ONLY if nobody above you grabs it. Everything at WM is based on years of service. Plus being new you wont have your own truck. Depending on the DC you may go years until you get one. When somebody retires, it moves everybody up
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    Thanks for the info. It seems the enviromentalists won't let them build it where they wanted to, so I don't know where they're going to build.
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