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    Think he did it for the possibles doing research on coming to work for Walmart...don't like loose threads:) Lot of them hanging around. Afraid the days of get it there on time are about gone...It is not what you do but how you do it now....sad:( Chewey knows about the real good ole days...sure this all is really sad for the real old hands:(( These guys bragging about the money they make may be in for a surprise when ALD kicks in...whooooo weee:()
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    Well 31, I have been sticking to driving(in fact unless you have field stripped an m16, I have probably been driving as long as you have been alive) and looking at all of your posts and the time stamps on them, I have been doing far more driving than you. It makes me wonder if you are working out of Minnesota. (if you dont understand that, dig back in my posts...chewey, chew2 and chewey3)
    On a better note, I often revisit my old threads for updates. WalMart is an ever changing entity and what was true last year may not be true now. Any thing I post, I update when possible but I am a busy man and cannot hang out here as often as the cheerleaders.
    I am guessing 90 percent of drivers on here judge walmart by what was posted today or maybe the last two days. However some dig down thru the past threads to get a whole picture of changes and opinions in the last months or years. (some seem to be writing a history of the company) I get PM's from a few asking about the changes I noted thru the years and I happily give them what I know. Someone asked about this subject so I was behooved to update it for accuracy. After all....WE don't want to be inaccurate about OUR company do we?? Sure don't want them to go to the facebook page...for sure:(
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