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    Aug 20, 2009
    Of course there's the Werners and Swifts out there that hire recent grads. When I got my CDL in '04, I didn't want to follow that route. So here's what I did and it was successful for me, you may want to consider something similar...

    I drove around locally and looked at some of the trucking companies, those that appeared to have decent equipment and such, and I got on the phone and started calling. Asked if they hired student drivers or those right out of driving school. Took a while but I landed a position with a local company, a smaller company. It worked out great.

    I guess the moral of the story is, you never know unless you ask. I even went and called many trucking companies in the phone book. Not such a big deal if you're in a smaller town.

    I know the economy is different these days, but thought I'd throw this out in case it might help someone looking for work.

    Good luck drivers!:biggrin_255:
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    Good Post Driver !! Ya may have to get off your ### to find a decent job, right. And they often forget about other types of driving jobs. Greyhound drivers make a good wage, and sleep in hotels. Airport shuttle, tour bus, limo, etc etc
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