Dryvan Vs Refrigerated Companies

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  1. Damier* Jonathan

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    Sep 28, 2012
    North Miami Beach, Fl
    What Are The Advantages Of Driving Reefer Than Dryvan Or Driving Dryvan Than Reefer. Which one is bettrr and also pays more?
  2. Wooly Rhino

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    Jul 6, 2008
    Liberty, Missouri
    A reefer can haul dry van freight but a dry van cannot haul all reefer freight. Therefore a reefer allows company's to haul a wider variety of freight. People have to eat year round so there is less chance of having nothing to do when freight slows down during the winter months. Dry Van's cost less so companies with them do more drop and hook then do reefers. With a reefer lots of time you have to wait while being unloaded. Live loads and unloads mean you have to deal with people. You will find that they are less concerned about your life then you are. Some will be real helpful and some will call your employer and complain. Lumpers have to be dealt with so there is that delay.

    I personally prefer line haul where all you have to do is drive fast and drop and hook.

    As to which pays more, they both pay about the same. 40 cents per mile. You do not get paid when you sit unless you sit for a long time. Reefers do have the advantage of the extra noise as well as being more likely to break down. They are more work at fuel stops.

    If you are wanting to make the most money there is really no difference. Tankers and auto carriers pay the most.
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  3. cuzzin it

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    Jan 19, 2008
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    Reefers generally run more miles and often pay more, but very little more... i prefer reefers quite a bit more myself. But really it's a personal preference than a standard, you might like dry van more. And people with years of flatbed, tend to think that is better.... it's preference that will happen as you go along.
  4. STexan

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    Oct 3, 2011
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    The avg. refrigerated hauler also probably offer a longer average length of haul (and monthly miles) than the avg. dry van carrier. Meat haulers are good. Any load from the meat packing plants in TX/KS to the east or west coast is going to involve good miles to get to the plant, then to the unload point. Some will complain about long wait times at meat plants but it all depends on your carrier and how they manage and dispatch those loads which are typically drop/hook.

    The food warehouses and dc's overall are better than they used to be years ago about getting you in and out IMO, but many can be a "pain" with odd appointment times and long lines to get in.
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  5. Dinomite

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    Sep 6, 2012
    Looking 4 Rocks
    If you really live in Florida. I would suggest Reefer companies, because you have a better chance getting home with either dry or refrigerated freight. Reefer's also come in handy when you need a jump the truck from leaving the lights on to long or for just some reason the battery dies. Yes the meat plants are drop and hook but sometimes you still have to wait for them to kill, cut up, and box the critters that you will be delivering. Most pay detention and have multiple stops so that's a few extra bucks there. If you want to make extra money you can also unload your truck. Make sure if you go to a reefer company they have newer reefers because old reefers will have you pulling out your hair because they will break down every now and then. Good luck with your decision.
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  6. tbelvin

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    Sep 5, 2012
    Reefers are a pain mostly because the load and unload times were very slow. My pickup and delivery hours for large plants were often at night, making finding parking a pain. Sometimes I would have to sit weekends waiting to deliver, since I would get little drop and hook. I would still go back though, because of long hauls with mostly one unload, and the ability to see entire lower 48 and some of Canada.
  7. Chinatown

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    Aug 28, 2011
    Henderson, NV & Orient
    Reefer is generally better; can haul refrigerated or dry freight. With a dry van, you're limited to dry freight. I always made much more money with reefer, so avoided the dry van. If you live in South Florida, reefer is definitely the way to go for more home time & of course more money in your paycheck.
  8. passion4polishing

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    Mar 7, 2012
    Tampa, FL
    It doesn't mater whats behind you, as long as it's moving. Like others said, if its a reefer theres a good chance its moving more consistently. As far as unload, most receivers have a knack for getting you out just before your detention kicks in, so if its after 2 hours expect a lot of 1:57 unloads.
    There are drop and hook opportunities in reefer on dedicated fleets, and thats the best of both worlds. I'm dropping about 50% of my loads now and hooking about 80% since I got on a dedicated.
  9. 77fib77

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    Jul 7, 2010
    North Jersey
    I have heard that it is easier to back into refeer facilities, since they are normally wide open.
  10. Dinomite

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    Sep 6, 2012
    Looking 4 Rocks
    Nooooo not at all. Some of the meat plants you go to. The trailers are so close together you have to either get a yard dog to pull your trailer out so you can roll up the landing gear. Or get under the trailer and try to roll up the landing gear.

    Most dry and reefer people go to the same place anyway. Some deliver boxes and we deliver meat, produce etc. So I'm sure there are some hard docks to get into on the Van side, but the Reefer side has it share too. The worse part is most of the reefer drivers have expensive large cars and you don't want to hit them when you have to back in between them at a shipper or receiver Of course you don't want to hit anybody but big burly chromed out Lone Star driver with all the chicken lights just might shoot you.
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