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    Dec 2, 2015
    That's good to know.
    He started me at 23/hr and said once O get the hang of it we would talk of a raise.
    Now I know what to ask for
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    Sep 12, 2012
    That's in Canada so take that in to consideration with the money exchange probably you are making that amount now. Here in KC top drivers or union $25 per hour newbies anywhere from $15 to $20 depending on who and what they have for equipment. Some also get % of truck because they haul by the ton.

    I only contract by the hour or job because hauling asphalt for $15 a ton and you only get 3 loads because they always over book trucks and you sit 6 hours out of 10 does not pay the cost of operation.

    Even running light I always use the drop axle to help with braking and if you ever get scaled you could be over on your tandems and light on the steer depending on how the loader or mill fills the truck.

    Always get out and look around and check your truck out every couple loads at least. Hinges break, welds crack, pins fall out, suspension fails and rock gets caught. Someone mentioned tarping always and clean the lip on the gate before you get in trouble for unsecured load also bring a shovel and make sure you strap it down if you are over on rears you can always shovel rock forward to get more on the fronts
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    The Tarp is more important than most understand. In Maryland where I operated out of for a time I did not have the tarp up while still on my boss's house property when state police rolled by then made a stop on me for inspection of everything including the trailer with it's 6 ton of paver, backhoe etc. It was a load of dirt. Not too heavy.

    As far as inspections go, it was a circus. They found a female state trooper who was certified to do it and around we go tossing clods of dirt away keeping a corner between us and standing in front of the exhaust leak....
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    be extra careful when dumping rip rap, broken concrete, and rock. It comes RUMBBBBLING out and the 1st time you do(and every other time there after LOL)it will bring a whole new meaning to "the Pucker Factor" are you 10 wheeling or end dumping?
    Golden rule #1 always dump on level ground if you can, dont be afraid to pull up and follow your tracks back to compact the dirt under your tandems.
    #2 watch the ram as goes up 1st stage 2nd 3rd is the sketchy moment of truth, if its going up crooked drop it down(the Box) readjust your truck and try again till it goes up straight
    dont forget to chain up your flaps or you will be digging them out of the pile and putting them back on your trailer at the end of the day
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