ELD Trucks and Paper Log Trucks in Same Day

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  1. McBurgs

    McBurgs Bobtail Member

    Jan 15, 2024

    I've looked around but cannot seem to find an answer. Our company runs Geotab (in Canada, but assuming even US regs would be helpful) and has the GO dongle installed in all of our fleet, except one truck that was manufactured in 1999 and so is exempt from the ELD mandate.

    Sometimes, in the course of our day, we have to switch trucks from our usual ELD equipped truck to this older truck. Our employer has us create a paper log while we're driving this truck, but isn't that technically running two logs and a violation? In the same day, I could have a log on my ELD and then a separate paper log for the time spent in this older truck.

    What is the legal way to approach this? We cannot manually create driving logs in our ELD while we are operating.
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  3. ZVar

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    Sep 10, 2010
    Flint, MI
    If you log out of the ELD, how is it two logs? It's only one. Of course you can't use the paper log as a clean slate and act like the ELD didn't happen, but you can run paper log fine 1/2 the day.

    Of course my opinion is the company should get a phone for that truck, put Geotab on it and run it as an Electronic Log (which is different then an Electronic Logging Device) so everything syncs. But that's just my opinion to help prevent log violations in an audit.
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  4. drivingmissdaisy

    drivingmissdaisy Road Train Member

    Jun 10, 2019
    It's not considered running two logs. "Running two logs" is illegal if it's to obtain HOS that you don't really have. If your two logs are one Elog and one paper log because of jumping to different ships in the sea, then that's all it is. Just be careful not to violate HOS because paper logs don't give HOS warnings.
  5. ihaveaquestion

    ihaveaquestion Light Load Member

    Jan 3, 2024
    basically they’re just using that one truck to consolidate data quarterly and they’re using it to clean the books in the office… in other words that’s the refresh button truck where quarterly they use it to validate information and spread the difference… 1999 truck, ELD-exempt lol, that’s the truck they have on the yard that helps them make their company look good on paper when filing paperwork to the government, under reporting over reporting.

    let’s say you do your 3000 miles a week and your five deliveries (you may do more or less but for example here)… you really did 3500 miles and six deliveries each week

    they take the extra weekly 500 miles and that one delivery and say that that one truck did it, they probably do the same with a couple other drivers in the fleet.

    Say you have five drivers, five trucks but dont forget the 1999 old truck… in reality it’s five drivers six trucks but someone in the office is sitting down saying that they’re working but they’re not working. They report 6 drivers each 3,000 miles, trucks running & the old truck outta commission soon or actually in situation of actual audit out of service broken-down all of a sudden.

    what you really have here is an accounting flaw or accounting fraud probably going on.
  6. Bksrt8

    Bksrt8 Light Load Member

    Dec 8, 2018
    Oshawa Ont
    It's not running 2 logs, it's the same scenario as if your elog had a malfunction, you'd simply revert to paper logs from the time your eld stopped working properly. In the case where you are switching trucks you are starting your paper log from the time you log out of the eld, which it logs and saves. You would show MTO/DOT your paper log and you would probably have 24 hours to provide the elog to them if they request it.
    As for nefarious accounting, I don't know anything about that...maybe one of those Brampton companies would try it but I can't see any benefit to the company....what are you gaining? And you're still filling out logs and filing with mto/dot...I dont own a multi truck company so maybe I'm missing something but it seems like more hassle than benefit.
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