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    Jun 1, 2010
    I am. Just because the law says one thing doesn't mean it won't be applied in different way.

    Here's the way it went:
    • Checked in and took the test
    • Went back to the counter to finish paperwork
    • Was told I needed eldt by the 2nd clerk.
    • Asked why did the 1st clerk let me take the test if I needed eldt?
    • Both clerks and a supervisor and I had a very nice chat about the law and what their computer was telling them
    • Decided it was easier just to take the 1 hour long course than try to argue
    • Passed eldt course, went back to the dmv, passed the test again
    • Went through the same "you need eldt" with the 2nd clerk.
    • Huddled up with both clerks and supervisor (different than thenprevious time) and chatted about things
    • 1st clerk from the 1st time joined the chat
    • Emails sent, phone calls made, turns out someone in Madison must click something on her computer for all hazmat Approvals
    Total time spent at the dmv - 7 hours.

    The long and the short of it is the law says what the law says, but as systems are built to enact the law, the original intent is often modified or lost.
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