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Discussion in 'Tanker, Bulk and Dump Trucking Forum' started by Cobrawastaken, Sep 21, 2020.

  1. Cobrawastaken

    Cobrawastaken Light Load Member

    Apr 20, 2018
    Tulsa, OK
    Yep, thanks for telling me about the company. I probably wouldn't have found them otherwise.
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  3. Long FLD

    Long FLD Road Train Member

    Mar 4, 2015
    Fairmont NE
    Used to see them around at different places back when I was pulling a pneumatic. Always decent trucks and the drivers seemed happy when we’d chat.
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  4. Cobrawastaken

    Cobrawastaken Light Load Member

    Apr 20, 2018
    Tulsa, OK
    Boy, did I really neglect this thread. I ended up taking that load to La Crosse, WI and with the help of another driver I learned the ropes on the granular carbon changeout. It ended up taking pretty much all day Monday for both our trucks. Interesting process, you can look that up if you want to know more since it's hard for me to explain.

    After that we headed back towards Pryor Tuesday and then on Wednesday morning we unloaded the spent carbon for them to recycle. They don't use the recycled carbon to filter food grade stuff, fortunately. It's mostly for filtering chemicals. After unloading in Pryor I brought my trailer back to Vinita to be washed out and then headed to the Peterbilt dealer in Tulsa because my AC wasn't working and apparently it was under warranty. They told me to go ahead and have Peterbilt fix some of my other issues while I was there as well, but when I got the truck back Friday evening, it seems like they only fixed the AC so today I came to Vinita to have our mechanic fix the other things.

    I really don't want to make it look like Elliott gave me a piece of junk with a bunch of problems though. It's just very worn out and they said it was sitting for a while before I got it. Not to mention, they claim I'll get a brand new one once I put about 30k more miles on it. They do pay well for your time. In this case, I was at home so I didn't get paid, but they pay you $20 an hour if you stay there with the truck. $200 a day if it takes more than a day. I think I forgot to mention that with any dry bulk loads you get paid $20 an hour for all time loading or unloading, not just after 2 hours. For liquid loads it's $20 an hour after 2 hours.

    Overall I'm pretty happy with the company. I only wanted to switch to tanker if I could find a good company and I'm delighted to say that so far it seems like I did. Once I get this truck sorted out I see good paychecks in my future.
  5. Cobrawastaken

    Cobrawastaken Light Load Member

    Apr 20, 2018
    Tulsa, OK
    I definitely didn't keep up with this thread as much as I would like, but things are going pretty good. After more AC issues and a MIL on the dash, Elliott decided to go ahead and give me a 2019 truck they had sitting around. They had to get it ready in a pinch, so I had to get an alignment the day after and the mechanic noticed an exhaust leak so they went ahead and fixed that. Since then it's been a good truck. It's basically identical, but newer. It's crazy how much better a newer truck drives.

    I finally hauled some liquid loads for the first time too and that was pretty strange for someone who has never done that before. First I hauled some type of lube oil that was really dense so it wasn't loaded very close to the top of the trailer and that stuff surged a hell of a lot more than anything I ever expected. All of Elliott's tankers are smooth bore so that probably doesn't help. Then I hauled some candle wax and that was way better. It didn't surge quite as violently.

    If you live in Tulsa, or anywhere near Vinita, hell anywhere in Oklahoma basically, this company is very good at getting you home. I've been home weekly the whole time I've been working here, sometimes more than once a week. So if you're looking for better home time but not necessarily a local job, Elliott is a great option. You might even be able to get a local job if you live near Vinita, but don't quote me on that.
  6. Cobrawastaken

    Cobrawastaken Light Load Member

    Apr 20, 2018
    Tulsa, OK
    Here's the pay package the recruiter sent me before I got hired if anyone wanted to know what their pay is like.

    0-1-year bulk tanker exp. >.40 empty .50 loaded

    Pre-qualify with 1-3 years bulk tanker >.41 empty .53 loaded

    Pre-qualify with 3-5 years bulk tanker >.42 empty .55 loaded

    Pre-qualify with 5-7 years bulk tanker >.43 empty .57 loaded

    Pre-qualify with 7-9 years bulk tanker >.44 empty .59 loaded

    Pre-qualify with 9 plus years bulk tanker >.45 empty .61 loaded

    Loads under 300 miles round trip paid on 55MPH average plus 1-hour unload time (liquid loads).
    All HazMat loads pay $50.00 per load, plus your mileage pay. (ELLIOTT TRUCK LINE)

    Other available compensation:
    Roadside DOT inspection with no violations: $125.00 (must log ON DUTY, NOT DRIVING)
    Recruitment Bonus: Application must have recorded name of employee who gave referral.
    If either party departs for any reason, bonus program stops.
    $200.00 X 12 months=$2,400.00 on annual basis for one recruit. Gather more increase by
    Same amount.
    Quarterly Safety Bonus: No accidents, no damages to equipment or property, no moving violations, no customer issues, no hours of service violations, no obstruction to cameras, complete daily vehicle inspection report, completion of safety video on a quarterly basis. Paid $500.00 second week past end of quarter. Annual amount $2,000.00
    401 K Savings Plan: 3% matched. Less tax when you designate money for this account. Like a 3% wage increase. Pass it up- throwing away good money.
    Other Benefits: 1 Week paid vacation after 1 year based on gross income. United Health Care, dental, vision, short- and long-term disability, I.D. Theft prevention, legal shield for professional drivers, $25,000 A D& D policy at no cost to driver.
    Other Quality Standards: Trucks equipped with PREPASS PLUS
    Assigned trucks with power inverter installed, six uniform shirts provided, caps, safety equipment provided by company. Comdata fuel card, national tire account. Trucks equipped with Fusion or Bendix with wingman, QTRACS electronic log, Drive Cam which records only 6 seconds when a “G” force event occurs.
    Paid weekly with direct deposit by PAYCOM. Once in the payroll system you will have e-mail connection to review your pay.

    Layover 34 Hour Reset Pays $200.00 and motel. Driver must perform 70 hours before, take a 34-hour restart on the road away from home and be available to work next 70 hours/ next week before returning home.
    Layovers Authorized by dispatch will be compensated at $200.00 Pay Authorization must record company person who authorized layover plus load information.
    DOT Hours of Service break DOES NOT Constitute a layover for compensation.
    Hourly Work for vehicle service or other approved work will be compensated at $20 per hour.
    Hourly Demurrage $20.00 Payable after 2 hours free time based on Bill of Lading approval with required signature.
    Vacuum fee for loading $61.00
    Trailer washed out and blow dry $35.00 with vendor invoice attached to Pay Authorization.
    Tractor exterior wash $25.00 with vendor invoice attached to Pay Authorization.
    Trailer exterior wash $35.00 with vendor invoice attached to Pay Authorization.
    If paperwork is not properly documented and timely turned into the Company, driver will not get paid. Scan first, then mail in original documents to Corporate Office.

    Training pay at $160.00 per day.

    Vacation Pay Vacation pay based on annual gross compensation divided by 52 = vacation pay.
    After 1 year service: 1 week vacation
    After 2 years service: 2 weeks vacation
    After 5 years service: 3 weeks vacation

    Just FYI since some of this requires more explanation:
    If you get your truck washed they pay for the truck wash and then pay you $25 for your time. $35 for the trailer and $60 for both.
    About when it says you get $20 an hour when you're at a shop getting your truck worked on. That's only if you stay at the shop and wait.
    You get $20 an hour for all time loading or unloading dry bulk, not just after 2 hours.

    Just some additional info unrelated to pay:
    The inverters they have are the kind of 1500w inverters you can get at a truck stop, take that how you want :rolleyes: All of Elliott's trucks are Peterbilt 389s with a 500hp Cummins and 13 speed with either a flat top sleeper or a 72" stand up sleeper. They have a handful of International Lonestars which I'm guessing also have 500hp Cummins and 13 speeds, but I don't know. I also wouldn't count on being able to get one if you wanted one (don't know why you would). If you're a real masochist they have 2 Peterbilt 579's with a really really tiny flat top coffin sleeper and only one of them is really being used right now by a local driver.
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  7. spindrift

    spindrift Road Train Member

    Dec 2, 2014
    How's that driver facing camera working out for you?
  8. Cobrawastaken

    Cobrawastaken Light Load Member

    Apr 20, 2018
    Tulsa, OK
    Hasn't really been a problem. Safety hasn't said a word to me since I started.
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  9. Tootall378

    Tootall378 Bobtail Member

    Feb 6, 2021
    Are you still at Elliott, how's it going?
  10. Oogieboogie

    Oogieboogie Bobtail Member

    May 20, 2021
    Are you still with this company?
  11. Just passing by

    Just passing by Road Train Member

    Feb 25, 2017
    I don't want to hijack the thread but we have gotten a pay raise. I lost the email with detaills, all I can tell you is a driver with 9 years or more experience gets 0.70 cpm loaded and 0.54 cpm empty.
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