EOBRs (Qualcomms) required in ALL Trucks by Jan 1st 2014?

Discussion in 'Trucking Industry Regulations' started by CryloZeus, Jan 5, 2013.

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    Dish/DirecTV each have exactly one user on each channel; that's the uplink facility. Receivers don't factor into the equation.

    Network congestion IS the result of having "too many users" on the system.

    One of the big problems with having many users on a system that covers such a large area is that if two stations transmit at the same time, neither one gets through. This "hidden transmitter problem" is the major limiting factor on how many people can use the system.
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    I didn't really understand your first statement, so i will withhold comment for the time being.

    But for the second statement, i used and example to help clarify what i was trying to say.
    If you have fifty cars on a highway (fifty users on a cell tower) and everything is going fine, then there's no issue.

    Now if there's a car accident (or major disaster and everyone tries to call into once city at the same time) that's not considered network congestion as a result of "too many users". The number of users did not change, but the resources did. Just the same as the number of cars on the highway did not change, but the resources did, (went from four lanes down to half of a shoulder and some grass).

    And networks monitor their resources and when they begin to notice they're reaching their predetermined limit, they increase bandwidth, frequencies, cell towers and what not so that everything continues to work properly.

    And so much for the "Hidden transmitter problem" that was solve a long long long time ago when packet data was impliment'd. Your cell phone doesn't keep network time so that you wont have to adjust for daylight savings, or so that you'll always know what time zone you're in. It keeps network time so that i'll know what position it is in to send it's data once you make a call.
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    Ok you got me cats out the bag!!! I log illegally after pulling into a shipper and waiting to get live loaded it took them 8 hours to load me pushing me over my 14 and now I'm hot sweety and need a shower well can't get that at the shipper o wait I must leave no truck parking what do I do? Drive to the closest truck stop but O NO!!!!! No more parking no what go to a 2nd truck stop but could have the same problem.....ect

    How many truckers can pull into the truck stop by 5 to shut down everyone out here knows first off we have a major truck parking problem that and drivers spend hours at shippers and receivers without any compensation pay yet one more problem and last but not least on this post driver pay I make the same money......wait ill take that back we make less money in today's world then we did over 10 years ago

    So do I log illegally YES to find a safe parking place I'm not sure I have ever drove over the 11th hour after 10 I'm ready to get out of this truck now Yes I go over my 14 all the time and yes I've been stopped over that mark and when I told DOT where I picked up from and where I was headed he said ok driver be safe no if I would had LEGALLY logged I that I was over my 14 that day you think a officer 1,000 miles cares that the shipper held you up and had no truck parking? That's right
    Are there guys that still drive coast to coast outlaws as we call them maybe but I'm not one of them, and I'll say one more thing "I HAVE NEVER GOT A LOG BOOK VIOLATION" so don't put me in the same class as stupid drivers that don't know 5 + 10 + 9 = 24 or that can't rember in 4 hours they need to update there logs I run down 55 in MO all the time and you see them checking logs and in the back it looks like a truck stop hello people it's not your first day doing this!!!
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    I don't understand how they can mandate these dumb things. What about all the trucks out here that have farm tags and haul their own product? I don't see john farmer putting one on his 1970 needle nose to haul grain or cattle 1 month out of the year. And I know the cowtrucks won't stand for this nonsense either. When it comes down to somebody telling me how hard, how fast, I can run, I'm done.
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    Isn't it funny how everybody who likes E-logs starts off by saying how the systems will make all us sinners run 100% legal and then they go on to name 5 ways minimum to cheat the system and get an extra 30 minutes drive time by changing status while in traffic or some other such "trick". Seems to me it's just high tech cheating. I may occassionally violate the letter of the law but never the spirit. As someone said, when I'm driving I'm going to be rested and safe. All I see the EOBR doing is force me to run faster than I might like or at times of the day when I really should be sleeping.
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    e logs are not the big problem the 14 hr rule is we should be able to run it as needed.let me decide when to sleep and drive,dont force me into once time starts i cant stop it.the problem has never been rules it has been lack of enforcement,you know how many time i would hand over my book 2 3 4 weeks behind and the dot would say i don't want to see that,you new drivers blame us old ones for all your problems,we were not the problem and are still not.
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    The problem with the e-log is it is too rigid. To record everything by the minute may be fine, but any time you are nearing going over your 11 or 14 it requires an explanation of why you are innocent. I do agree that the "outlaws" as some call them that drive straight across the country in one shot should not be allowed to do that. However, for the most of us out here (I hope) we plan our day out as to what we want to get done and where we want to shut it down at the end of the day and go by that. If it takes a little longer than legal because people wanted to drive 35 in the rain then that should be no big deal. Bending the rules is WAY different then throwing casting them totally aside. I see it causing more people to push their trucks to their governed speed when conditions don't permit and causing STUPID stuff to happen. I can't tell you how many times DOT comes out from the scale and wants a quick look at the log and when everything is cool and I evidently am not trying to push push push push push, he says have a good day. Whatever happened to using the grey matter upstairs???
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    I ....am safer, left to my own devices. ELOGS would have me driving "FATIGUED" whats wrong with the "old" rules? Give me HOS rules I can work with like 12 years ago (and the previous 60 years as well) and I , like you, would greatly benefit from ELOGS
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    "A micro-managed society is a happy and productive society."......The United States Government

    ('Course, I might be paraphrasing here just a bit....)
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    They say most statistics are "made up" on the spot. So nevermind researching cause God only knows the answer. What percent of commercial vehicle operators cheat on their logbook because they are "greedy or outlaws" and what percent started cheating on their logbook ONLY since the 14 and 10 were implemented?
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