Ever wonder what CHEMTREC actually does?

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  1. roundhouse

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    Jul 11, 2018
    I was hauling refrigerated haz mat container one time many years ago.

    got up in the morning and doing a walk around unnoticed the genset for the reefer was not running and that the diesel had all leaked out from a hole in the line to the genset.

    so I find a pay phone and call chemtrek and ask, “uh, my reefer quit , what should I do?”
    and all they wanted to know was
    “Where are you?”
    “Where exactly are you ?”

    they refused to answer any of my questions or tell me anything.

    “uh, again, the reefer quit, what is gonna happen to this stuff”?

    “Where are you”?
    They wouldn’t or couldn’t tell me what the chemical was or anything about how it would react if it got too warm.

    they were useless as TSA is for security at the airport .

    I finally just hung up and finished driving the two hours and delivered it.
    The cargo was still cold and
    The receiver didn’t seem to care about the reefer not running . turns out it was x ray film or something.

    I repaired the fuel line , got the gen set running and loaded up some frozen chicken for the trip back.
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