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    Sometimes more than others. I'm an o/o with a pretty good gig, but when things aren't going right, I.e. breakdowns, slow freight, weather not cooperating, I have to look for motivation where I can find it. Sometimes it's Smokey and the Bandit, others it's wanting more pretty stuff for the big yells Pete. Of course, from time to time it's reading the stories from the big road on TRY. So what gets you going and doing what you do when the chips are down or Murphy keeps lurking?
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    If trucking is getting my goat and morale is a problem, One of three things are going to happen in my time. First you have Flying. For me that means navigation exercises while the pilot's time, plane rental and fuel plus the necessary checking of everything affecting the flight goes in before we go up. I liked to sit with the pilot have a second of the sky we are going to fly in a triangular route almost 100 miles long. Waypoints would be VOR, Tac, ASID, DME and so on so forth etc. Fly here, make the turn, establish cruise and altitude if necessary and fly there and then return to base via a training box near it where its common to execute stalls, dead engines and so on. Just to keep in practice.

    By the time you are deep into this thing beginning to end Mr Murphy and his eating of nails with intent to ruin your trucking relationship with everything and everyone just does not matter anymore. The Pilot and his instructing will do alot of learning on my part as well as provide him a chance to fly. Night or day it does not matter.

    As far as other activies, there are a handful of steam operations in the USA where for a small fee (Define small) they provide instruction in either desiel or steam and firing, dispatching and so on as well as signalling if any so you understand your brakies. As well as whistle signals. Eventually after a period of classes they will teach you to actually fire the steamer, put on a couple hundred ton in rolling stock and have you take her back to base over 10 miles of track. It's alot of work. Yes its fun but it is alot to think about.

    The last thing I get into which is not too often maybe even less out of necessity is two things. First it's Sailing instructing The Bay in Maryland used to host tiny sailboats and provide instruction on them. (Trust me when you two are busy in there learning how to wearship, you have a lot going on even though it's about a 24 foot or not even.) The second thing is mountain horseback. Used to have a farm in West Virginia that hosted quarter horses for trail work towards those people who have had their bells badly rung with serous medical brain injuries from impact wahtever it may be. Run over by a semi? Excellent we have a saddle for you. Hop up. IF you were not participating in life before that moment for a variety of reasons, Mr Horsie will sort you out really fast up there and the two of you will be the best of friends really quick. Then we work on making life better eh?
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    Podcasts.... In the topics that you are interested in or want to learn more about or make you happy....
    Zillions of them out there. Mine are Dan Harris and Sam Harris for brain exercise, Wait wait don't tell me for humor, the moth for just listening pleasure and Krista Tippett for personal development...
    Yours might be finance or technical based or spiritual growth or a foreign language....
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    Dog wrestling. I'm thinking this might be the year I win.
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    ^^^^^ I love that tag line. Thank God I wear a belt....
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    I have too many people to prove wrong to give up.... They're slowly dying off, one by one, though. Who knows what will happen once all my naysayers are gone.
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    A cold beer and a desolate beach.
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