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    Oct 1, 2022
    Dot # 3169488
    MC # 117146
    Address 1:
    2234 Landmeier Rd, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 <Door226A>
    Address 2:
    2200 W 159th St, Markham, IL 60428
    Address 3:
    7509 Menchaca Rd
    Suite 106 Austin TX. 78745

    Pros: Some get good equipment

    Cons: Some get questionable equipment. Liars, Extreme possibility of getting scammed, Disrespecting drivers mean nothing. <Because they are growing fast-many drivers desperately need work>

    We were put in a run. Before we picked up that freight in that run we told dispatch we did not have enough hours to do the run because of our 70 hour rule. Dispatch told us do not worry that they will extend delivery date so we can take our reset. We were told to go ahead and pickup the load.
    They lied, respecting drivers and keeping their word was far from their minds. They angrily pressured us to do the run on recaps.
    After a long grueling phone battle we managed to convince them for us to take our reset.

    Later in another trip they told us to pickup a junk trailer from a sick driver who picked up a load and could not deliver it. When we went to pick up the trailer from that supposedly sick driver. I asked the driver if he was sick. The driver belly laughed really loudly and said no I am not sick and I have never been sick.
    I told dispatch hey man this guy is not sick and you guys are giving us a junk trailer that can put us out of service in an inspection if we keep running it. We drive hard and are very dependable. But giving us a junk trailer to cover for a lazy driver is not cool at all.
    Dispatch and Supervisors seemed careless about the situation. All they said is we will switch back to your previous trailer when we get a chance. Not even addressing the situation of the lying driver messing our week up by giving us a junk trailer and routing us with a lot of short mile loads to get our old good trailer back.

    Later we drove to pickup a load in Jacksonville Florida in a port by the water. And the shipper wanted my co-driver to get out and stand in the rain out in the parking lot while they loaded me. Keep in mind my co driver had just driven 11 hours at night to get to Florida. Shipper did not even have a place for my co driver to wait.
    They said well your co driver can stand in the city bus stop out on the street and sit in that hard bench while it was raining. I said oh no that's not happening. I would not even treat my dog like that!
    I called dispatch and told them the situation.
    Dispatch did not care and in his words he was taking the shippers side pressuring me to get my co driver off the truck who had not slept, driven 11 hours to stand on the strong pouring rain or in a hard tiny bench in a public city bus stop.
    That got me really angry and that was the first time I used curse words basically telling them hell no!! My co driver has just made the company money by working hard driving 11 hours overnight not sleeping yet, and you want my co-driver to be in the rain for and estimated 3-4 hours!! <In which later I apologized for using cuz words>
    Their top director also used cuz words to address the situation with me over the phone.
    Finally after a phone battle picking up the load was cancelled.

    Going back they started giving us several short runs 3-5 hour runs.

    After thinking how they do not respect their drivers. Lie to their drivers. Treat their drivers like disposable trash just because they are growing fast. It was not a company we would want to make them more money.
    When we got to their yard to switch trailers I told them if they waived the company penalty of charging $2,000 dollars per driver for not giving 2 weeks notice prior to quitting. We would clean out the truck and leave right on the spot.
    All they responded was we got you. We got our stuff out and cleaned out the company truck. Leaving no trash or debris even sweeping inside.

    After cleaning out we went to their office and asked if we were cool and making sure the 2k dollar company fee was going to be Waived as we were told they would indeed waive it. By the employee we turned in the truck and asked for the keys from us.
    In which the office women told us no that would not happen. That we were still going to get charged 2k dollars per driver. We told them we had evidence/proof of them telling us it was Waived. And we even showed them our evidence. Finally the women in their office said ok they would waive it.

    They have already changed their name. Extra mile International was known by another well peddled name and they changed it. I am guessing or in other words it is my personal belief based on our experience it may be because they burned their old name by treating drivers like trash. Lie/Steal and now they are doing it with a new name.

    They are so cheap they will not even buy a tablet for log books. They expect the driver to use their phone and data using the keep trucking app on their personal phone!!

    In the end they stole from us! $75 dollars per driver for cleaning fee each. Even though we left no trash and we even swept the inside of the truck!! I will put photos in this thread of how clean we left the truck.

    Extra mile Company is growing really fast mostly because there are many desperate souls out there looking for jobs in trucking. They told me they get nonstop calls from drivers looking for work on a daily basis.
    They went from about 60 active trucks to 100 active trucks in less than a month and a half. By what my co driver saw many of those new hires cannot even backup a trailer.

    Bonus info:
    My co driver also saw a female fleet manager who welcomes new drivers she is about 33 years old. Who's name I will not share, go into the sleeper of a truck while parked in the yard go inside with a male driver for 4 to 5 hours. So you take a wild guess what they were doing inside the sleeper for several hours.

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  3. Dale thompson

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    Nov 20, 2013
    commerce twp,mi
    This might be an informative post but once I saw the address I decided to not waste my time.
  4. Opus

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    Dec 18, 2011
    South GA
    4-5 hours. We'll bless his heart. I'm only good for about 1.
  5. Dennixx

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    Feb 13, 2010
    twin cities
    Any pictures of the "fleet manager?"
  6. Opus

    Opus Road Train Member

    Dec 18, 2011
    South GA
    Jus sayin or it didn't happen.
    "Candid photographs.......you know, wink wink, nudge nudge......"
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    Jul 20, 2019
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    Northern Indiana

    All I needed to see.....
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  9. REO6205

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    Feb 15, 2014
    Is there some kind of zoning law in Illinois about grouping certain kinds of trucking companies in certain areas? Or is just a case of bad following bad?
  10. Dennixx

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    Feb 13, 2010
    twin cities
    I think it's just convenient to the City of Chicago. Lots of rail freight moves out of the area, a lot of their countrymen are there and lots of Commerce and manufacturing type industry in that area. It sure has gained some notoriety..lol
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    Good Lord! Now that is something that can't be unseen!
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