F2F Transport / Farm2Fleet: My story with no happy end...

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    He was talking about what a great guy he is for "taking a huge chance" on a trucker and helping the guy get into a truck.. He starts out by talking about himself being a fighter, and not letting the world keep him down. Sad.
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    The never ending storeeeeey... lol

    Trucking BrokerConnect

    On Kevin Rutherford's xm radio show this past Monday Kevin had a special guest. The show was "broker connect" how to make broker connections blah, blah, blah from a guy who doesn't actually do it and if you do it yourself all the time you can tell he doesn't really know wtf he's talking about - Kevin Rutherford.

    His guest is a "broker". Turns out this "broker" was Bill Hood's former right hand man at Farm2Fleet. If you click on that link above and fast forward to 43 minutes 12 seconds you'll hear Kevin get trolled by a caller named "David from Georgia"

    It's really funny stuff. The caller says "I want to ask Tom about negotiating dedicated lanes from brokers, so Tom how did it feel to screw owner operators over and make $100,000 a year doing nothing while working with the scammer Bill Hood? and Kevin have you ever really booked a load in your life?????" LMAO

    Kevin seemed to keep his cool for a few seconds and then scolded "David, you can't call in here and insult someone then run away" .... lol... then he said he started to waver and you could hear the nervousness and shakiness in his voice "obviously he was talking about some broker..... that he uhhhh, uhhhhh, uhhh....." the nervousness getting more obvious with each word as he was realizing David was speaking the truth about his guest. buhahaha...
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    I seen a F2F truck running I-90 east across Washington Wednesday. He was only running 62-63 and I crused passed him at 65. Remembered the threads here and had a chuckle as there was a saying under the logo on the trailer that said something to the effect or "work like a real owner operator" or something like that.
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    Just saw this, not sure what angle he's working now
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    Bill Hood
    We sold so that the drivers or employees DIDN"T get screwed. We walked away with huge debt. But I am not blaming anyone. The decisions to loan drivers money was mine. To not fire people was mine. To reduce our hiring standards to bring in more trucks when we started having problems was mine. No escrow accounts. Mine. It goes on and on but I learned from it rather than sit in corner blaming others.
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    From one of the FB pages he is on...lost memory Bill? I heard carrots are good for eyes, maybe for brain too ...
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    What the hell mp, the first link is to fb with the content remove, the other is an ad for owner services.

    Please edit them.
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    They work for me....

    First one is a FB group and the second one is a drug consortium that mrs hood seems to run....

    Quack Quack...... it’s a duck.
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