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    Sep 18, 2013
    You guys using these companies and say 5% like its no big deal? WTF... Are you crazy? I can see for a couple loads in a pinch. If you need paid everyday you have no business being in this business. Go get in a company truck if you wanna give money away. You pay their fee, you pay to get it transferred, they have you by the nads when you wanna leave, your begging fo what you worked for. If you dont have a solid nest egg of 10 to 15,000$ you have no business doing this. What are you gonna do when you blow a turbo or tir even? A motor? Your done, or you go get a loan at 25% because you messed up. I just saying to give these guys your money is nuts, Even if you had enough to get fuel for you first 2 month your checks would be coming in and you should be fine. I tried that 20 years ago and you need money to make money, thats why these companies make money. There are companies that will pay 90% and let you book your own loads and pay every friday, you would be better doing that, at least your fuel tax and paperwork is all taking care of, JUST ONT USE MAG CARRIERS IN DEARING GA, hey werent a bad company ubtil they started fining their own drivers, and they were shut down once under G&M trans and then used the same MC and reopened reversing the name to MaG, they say they are christians but your checkbook is their bible. Anyways, are all of these factoring companies charging 5%? I just couldnt ork stressing over getting paid EVERYDAY.... I just hate to see these companies get rich off of our hard work, they sit at their desk picking away at you worked hard for, you sat up all night driving through a blizzard and black ice, then hand them 50$ plus a few more just to get what they already charged you for. I keep reading these posts but never really found a company that a majority liked, Id like to have a company in a pinch, there are certan situations this can benefit you. I just would like to find someone that has a small fe for a small company. Good Luck To everybody....

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