Falcon Transport, Co. - Youngstown Oh.

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    Just logged in after a month and found a request to update lol. Hope you don't mind me copy/pasting lobshot so I can reference your questions quickly...

    "Hi All..........I enjoyed reading of your experience so far with falcon. It was well written and informative. I am a wannabe and my brother is currently in cdl school.
    I had a couple questions since you haven't posted anything for about a month.
    Are you still liking falcon? Are they treating you good? Are they paying you as promised? What kind of runs are you making? Mostly northeast?
    I visited the terminal here in Nashville and have to say that the trucks don't look good.
    My brother is real interested in working for falcon and was very impressed with the $160/day for OTR. He doesn't mind the idea of being gone for long periods of time since he is single and he is eager to get his 1 year of experience started asap when he finishes his cdl.
    Anything that you can tell us will be helpful so thank you in advance.
    I hope your experience with falcon continues to be positive so let us know.
    thanks again

    Yes I'm still liking Falcon. Despite a few things... My first run, where I left off in the last post, turned into a nightmare. The loaner truck fell through and I was stuck running from Gary to Wentzville MO in a day cab. Governed @ 57mph. A long, long drive in that beast. No radio, air barely worked. But I tuffed it out. Delivered on time. Was told to find a red roof or motel 6 for the night. There were none too be found with truck parking. I drove till I was out of hours, winding up in a walmart parking lot. There was some construction going on there so I found myself a scrap of plywood, cleaned it off, laid it across the seats, and slept in the daycab for the night. (old school yo.) It sucked.

    Got my own truck after about a day. Was surprised,(sarcasm),a 2007 International 9400t. 10 speed manual that was in pretty good condition. A little over 500k miles on it. And it wasn't that ugly blue and green combo color. Last guy had kept it clean. Didn't smell like ### at all, or feet. Had just a few minor issues that the Gary yard fixed right away for me. (Radio didn't work. washer didn't pump fluid.) She's not a looker but a good runner. Falcon just took delivery of some 2015 prostars. So what you saw in the yard is being fazed out, sold or scrapped.

    My run is good, if I wasn't based from Gary. My DM had a driver leave so I jumped on the chance for my own route right out of training. Currently I'm running Grand Rapids MI to the vette plant in Bowling Green KY. I don't get the home time every other day that other dedicated route guys get because I load in MI and unload in KY in the same day. I have to set up in MI on Sunday night, get a 10 hour in, to hit my Monday morning load time and get my butt to Bowling Green for the evening unload within the hours limits. Take another ten in KY, then haul tail back to MI to set for my next days load. I'm not complaining though, I did the math before I accepted the run and decided I wanted the work now over sitting and waiting. And I'll be on a more manageable route after next week if everything goes as planned.

    The pay is weekly. And I haven't been burned. They pay me what they quoted me and I can't complain. I do two runs one week, and three the next. Like clockwork. If I do have too buy something for the truck while otr, I get reimbursed quickly.

    I don't know much about the command runs. Maybe another driver will see this and chime in. The $160 a day quote is what I hear they make as well. So your brother hasn't been lied too there from my knowledge. Odds are from what I heard. He would get one of the newer trucks if he was otr, or running the arlington tx dedicated run, Scuttlebutt among the drivers is the long haul folks get dibs first due too the less of a chance of breakdowns.

    While some of this post is negative, (I'm not paid to recruit, and have no desire to BS anyone.) I have over all enjoyed being with Falcon. My DM is cool. Likes to BS some while she's got you on the phone. And after a month now some of the other's have learned who I am by my voice and not my truck number. Feels a bit less like a tedious job when your dealing with some folks showing some personality. I'll stand by my earlier posts and say Falcon is a decent starter company. And maybe good for longer than just starting. Falcon ain't pretty yet, but they are working on it. And I can't say if your brother came here he wouldn't have too deal with some frustration starting out. (Waiting for a truck, or a route/load out of training seems to be common. My experience seems to be an exception to others.) A good work ethic is appreciated here, and a bit of a thick skin lol.

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    I left Falcon a month ago, after only 5 weeks on the job. The old, beat-up equipment was a factor, but I could have learned to live with it. The real reason I left was simply a much, much better offer. I'm now earning about $350 more a week than I was making at Falcon, and still getting home to my family every week.
  4. lobshot

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    Dec 30, 2006
    Many thanks to ALLTHEBEST for the timely and informative and honest update. We understand that none of the starter companies (if you accept that definition) are perfect but ya gotta start somewhere and pay your dues. My brother knows that and is willing to accept the bad with the good. If you put your mind to it and it is important enough, you can do ANYTHING for 12 months and then make a decision. That 1 year of experience apparently makes all the difference to a lot of companies and opens up a lot of options that he doesn't have coming out of CDL school. ALLTHEBEST, keep us updated..........I know it might seem ho-hum to you but we are interested in how things are going. Take care brother.
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    Feb 3, 2015
    Allthebestnamesaretaken, I'm interested in getting my CDL and starting out with Falcon, do you still enjoy it there? What is the pay like? I'm from MI and would like to stay around here in MI and be home 2-3 times a week is that possible?
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    Feb 24, 2016
    Did u come home every weekend and how's the pay and miles, thinking about joining falcon at Romulus terminal
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