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    Go to UPS.com and use they're job link for available positions.

    Truck Drivers and Mechanics

    Keep in mind that Feeder jobs are rarely hired off the street. The one around my area didn't hire for over 15 years, but they do occasionally hire from off the street though.

    You need to first make an account online, then use the job search link for available positions around your area. If the position says City Driver, that's UPS Freight. If says Road Driver, that's also for UPS Freight. If Hazmat is required, that's UPS Freight as well. If it says OTR, that's Truckload. Now here's the tricky part. If the job says Tractor Trailer, that MAY be the link for a Feeder Position, because they sometimes tend to put UPS Freight on their as well. You won't know if you actually applied for Small Package until you hit that apply button, and once you submit your application, it'll list it on your account for what position you applied for. Now normally once you submit your application, you CAN'T apply for any other positions until your interview is complete. So if you found out that you applied for UPS Freight, and then a Feeder Position opened up after you submitted your application, you won't be able to apply for the job. Now there's a way around this. You can create 2 accounts using different email addresses and then apply for the Feeder position and schedule your interview.

    You can also work your way up in-house to become a Feeder, starting from Sorter, Package Delivery Driver, and then Feeder. But who knows how long that'll take.

    And you can also apply for a Seasonal Position during Peak Season and hope that they keep you on after the holidays.

    If you wanna know ALL things about UPS, go to Brown Cafe.com.

    BrownCafe - UPSers talking about UPS
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    We have guys that go from loader, to feeder package car isn't really required as a stepping stone, in fact the wait for package car is longer than the wait for feeder. At a large hub off the street hires are more common than a small center.
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    Browsed brown cafe for hours. Ups sounds like a bad job. Well for some one with 5 mouths to feed, a mortgage, and two car payments. I can't take the pay cut and the waiting for the position you hired in on from the street to come open possibly years later. No thanks. I've done union before and this is just how they are
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