Finally got my own truck

Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by BoyWander, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. spyder7723

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    Mar 31, 2013
    sarasota, fl
    Im a strong believer in investing in rock solid mutual funds. They aren't as shiny or got the wow this is cool factor that jumping on the next big ipo but I'll take steady consistent growth over high risk high reward gambles. I'll play around with individual stocks when i think i can buy low and sell high when all the stars are aligned right, but only with smaller amounts that i can absorb a complete loss on. 80% of my retirement savings stay in strong mutual funds with decades of proven track records.
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    Aug 8, 2015
    All the folks I know with good retirements, did just that. Small steady savings, over years, while working regular jobs. Simple safe and yes boring. Now they’re reaping the benefits.
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  4. Rideandrepair

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    Aug 8, 2015
    That’s where I’m at right now, sure it will come back,but in how long? A local Job maybe, along with side interests. Wife gets a little job. I Just don’t want to regret it. I’ve worked very hard over last 15 yrs. to stay Independent. Went up, went down, now I’m up Again. Ive only called on 1 local Job.Turned our to be my Old Terminal mngr. He remembered Me from 25 yrs ago. Even though I was only there as a casual for 1 yr. Best Boss I ever had. Now He’s got his Own Deal, 60 Day Cabs. Work 40 or 60 hrs. Whatever I want.BC/BS and paid holidays.The yards 1 mile from the house. Very tempting. I told him I was looking for a back- up plan if needed. As a rule, I never go back. I do believe in taking 2 steps back, sometimes in order to continue forward.But only 2 !!! My main focus now is staying out of debt, running my Truck out of pocket, or if not letting it go.
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    Sep 10, 2013
    S.W. Florida
    Just getting ready to quit hauling milk in a couple weeks after doing my 1st year and a half being a company driver.

    Gotta get back down to Florida to handle some Krap with my dad’s estate or I would hang on until November

    But I am not doing another Michigan winter

    Wanted to get working on my 97 International and get it ready to work come spring.

    Was going to lease onto our direct side and haul vans to get my feet wet out on my own.

    I inherited a decent sum of money from my moms trust but will have to get an attorney to fight for my dad’s trust.

    Long story

    Anyway I think I will try to put maximum labor and minimum cash into it for now and see what the Spring brings.

    Just don’t know what else to do for work, and trust me I have nearly done it all.

    I am thinking trying to get a job moving equipment for a Rentall company for the winter down in Florida for now.
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  6. 062

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    Oct 20, 2013
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    Mar 13, 2014
    There no thread to hijack.
    More like bringing a thread back from the dead.
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    Jun 11, 2019
    The guy that you know would he be willing to allow someone to rent one ofe his trucks I mean it'll bring him money and there is no way possible he can drive more than one at once
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  9. BoyWander

    BoyWander Road Train Member

    Jul 22, 2011
    Well as I sit here in Memphis waiting for product to come off the line in order to go.into my trailer, it's time for a big update.

    I hadn't worked much early this year. Once winter thawed, I made it a point to get out there and work hard for a while. Was doing ok. Took first 2 weeks of June off, for birthday and father's day, and to renew plates, and had planned to go back out the day after.

    Father's day, my dad decided that he didn't want to be around anymore. He went and bought a dryer vent, attached it to his exhaust, drove over and parked next to where I park my semi when I'm home, sent out a text message, reclined his seat and never woke back up. I don't want to get into the details of why, but he did it.

    Not quite sure what my reason for living is now.

    Had to take another 4 weeks off, to take care of the aftermath, $6,000 for the funeral, was real tough to deal with. Lone Mountain agreed to defer my July payment, God bless them.

    I can't listen to the radio anymore. I just try not to think about it much but can't really help that.
    I get on Discord and join voice chat in the Philosophy server chat that I belong to. I enjoy doing that and talking with new people every day. It helps pass the time. Listening to music has just lost its mojo for me for the time being. I get too emotional. Decided on Against the Wind for dad's last song. Fck. Don't know what Im going to do without him. He was ALWAYS THERE for me. For a ride, for helping me fix something on my truck, you name it he was there.

    I have a goal in mind, though. I believe God has a plan for me and I think I know what it is so I'm going to make this work and get this sucker paid off. Gonna make it. Don't have a choice.

    Next phase of my life is starting. No more room for being depressed and not taking a load. Gotta keep this train going down the tracks. Freight is cheap as fck right now but that's fine. I am adjusting. My truck being 2.5 years old now, I only have 221k miles on it, so I feel I have miles to spend. Still trying to quit smoking. Puffing on my vape mod and chewing the nicorette. Still difficult.

    Anyways, I'm still surviving...albeit barely.

    In hindsight, it was either a mistake to hire the team driver over a year ago, or I was just terrible at dispatching us. Probably both. Rob actually got a hold of me 3 weekends ago when I was still at home crying and not wanting to come out of my house. He came and took me out for dinner and a drink. Glad he still considers me a friend even after I had to permanently lay him off. Also just spent this past weekend with my best friend and his wife down here in west Tenn. Was nice to do that. Have a couple of nice meals and some fine Scotch.

    I wonder how many people read this blog and decided to buy a truck like I did and then come out here and drive down the rates. I guess I regret it now. But I'm glad there have been others that have enjoyed following my story. And a couple of friends I have made.
    I haven't heard from @CaptainDaveG in a while.
    He called me maybe a month ago and I didn't answer because I was depressed and distraught from what happened and didn't feel like talking to anyone. Tried calling me but no answer or busy. If you're there, you got my number, please call.

    I'm a little bit behind in some personal bills but I know all I need to do is stay out here and rack up some revenue and I'll be fine.

    Dad left nothing but debt. Had a small life insurance policy from his GM pension that will cover the funeral and not much more, and thats if they pay. Sister dealing with that now. Also had a pickup truck and a large travel camper. Bank wont accept my offer of $5000 for the truck. They say he owes $11k on it. I should just tell them that they can sign over the truck to me free and clear, and then they can have have the camper (owes $35k on it) because they probably wont ever find it where my dad left it. But sister now claims she's goijg to deal with the bank because the bank told her I was rude to them. BS. I know exactly the games they play becaise I deal with that #### out here. Onay sister was a debt collector for a while but the people who work for the bank have more tricks up their sleeve than she does. They will make a trade. But whatever. She can deal with it and then pay for dads 3 storage units. She can have the #### in it, too. I don't give a crap. Im not going to argue and squabble over material ####.
    I have enough on my plate with my trucking.

    Anyways im gonna check up on the people inside and see if that product is about done.

    I will make this work. Not gonna go bankrupt on yall.

  10. dwells40

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    Oct 15, 2017
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