Financing out of state truck need IRP?

Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by twarrener, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. twarrener

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    Oct 13, 2021
    So I’m finalizing up financing my truck that i purchased out of state. I used commercial fleet financing company & was just sent a form that ENGS (who the loan is through) is doing the out of state title work and I’m a little confused. I was just planning on either registering with the company I’m hauling for OR doing the tags/title etc when I got the truck back to Florida assuming they gave a 30 day temp tag. However now I’m thrown for a curve ball because they just sent this form asking how I will handle taxes, tax exempt number and my IRP account number before I’ve gotten to pick up the truck yet.I’m in the process of doing my IRP app but do not have it yet. My real question is can anyone provide me with some direction here?? Form attached is what they sent me. This is my first time financing my own truck so I’m just looking for someone who knows about this as I am just learning and don’t want to make any mistakes.

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  3. Spyro2112

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    Mar 17, 2018
    Join OOIDA, call them. No tag, but insurance, federal law state u can drive from point a to b with bill of sale
  4. JoeyJunk

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    Dec 31, 2010
    Washington, PA
    OOIDA gave me a permit service phone number and they wanted to sell me $800 worth of fuel and trip permits. This was just a few weeks ago. They have been really bad getting my authority set up.

    There was a lengthy post on this very topic not long ago by @brian991219 I think.
  5. RedForeman

    RedForeman Momentum Conservationist

    Jan 30, 2011
    Johns Creek, GA.
    Call the finance company and get someone to walk you through it. You're probably not the first person they ever financed in Florida before. It would also be helpful to know if you are a carrier and have an MC number, or if you are leasing on to another carrier. Hopefully someone from Florida can share some insider secrets.

    A search tells me FL has a sales tax exemption for interstate motor carriers, if you have your own MC number. However, apparently it's apportioned. That is, you pay a percent of sales tax, calculated by dividing your FL miles with all miles. First year would be estimated. You will need a sales tax ID and a self pay certificate, that you would give to vendors so they would not charge you sales tax. Presumably you would file a periodic return to pay whatever your FL percent works out to be. Go to the FL dept of revenue site to learn all the details. Or call them and ask for help.

    Without that, you will probably have to pay the sales tax before they will issue a title. That's how it works in Georgia anyway.

    Once you have a title number, then you can get your plate (IRP). You will at least need a stamped 2290 schedule A and proof of liability insurance. I use for 2290. If you have authority, issue an insurance certificate to yourself. If you're leased on, you need one from your carrier. They will also be listed as responsible for safety on your IRP application. If your truck financing is actually a lease versus a loan, you'll probably have to supply a countersigned copy of that lease too. Titles for leases are usually issued in both your names jointly. If it's a regular loan, they will just be listed as a lien holder.

    It's a process. Don't be scared to call and ask for help. Tell them to talk slow and use one syllable words because you're new at this. Usually that will get a laugh and make them more interested in actually helping you.
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  6. brian991219

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    Aug 10, 2013
    Lords Valley, PA
    This is common with financing, they don't want to just hand you a title and hope the lien gets recorded properly, or the title is still being held elsewherw and the finance company needs to pay that off, get the title then put it in your name.

    In most states a dealer can process title work with a 30 day window to submit the actual title to the state. Now, before everyone jumps on me - not all states do it that way and not all states will send you a real plate while waiting - but it allows you to get the truck in service while waiting.

    I'm sure this company is legit and their title department will be able to get you on the road quickly. It is normal to request the IRP account number and such, which is tough on your first truck, however they should have a workable solution.
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