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Discussion in 'Canadian Truckers Forum' started by truckincanuck, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. Wildkat

    Wildkat <strong>Arctic Mistress</strong>

    Feb 24, 2008
    Somewhere North of 60
    I'd be making checks BEFORE making the venture to Alberta with any company you are considering here...ESPECIALLY in the oilfield...everything is starting to slow here now...with oil at +/- $35/barrel most of the rigs are only finishing up the work they are doing right now, but no new wells planned. Many trucking companies now have hiring freezes on & if someone leaves they are NOT replacing them. The company I am leased onto had a sign out looking for drivers, dockmen & mechanics for FIVE is gone...they now have a hiring freeze. Freight has slowed here as well, everyone is pretty soon Alberta will be like everyone else...SLOW!
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  3. Tradescant

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    Jan 18, 2009
    Prince George BC
    Wow, good to know, thanks for the info. But, then again, economies
    trun around and get better. They always do, Im not quite to the point
    of wringing my hands together and crying "the sky is falling" yet :)
  4. Wildkat

    Wildkat <strong>Arctic Mistress</strong>

    Feb 24, 2008
    Somewhere North of 60
    Oh you got that right...I've lived through WAY worse...back in '81-'82 when unemployment was at 25% I still managed to have a job...wasn't easy, but the work was there.
  5. truckincanuck

    truckincanuck Bobtail Member

    Southern Ontario is a trucker hub. Hopefully you can find a job. I have read where before our economic slowdown trucking company's were going overseas to get drivers and it would cost them $10,000.00 to bring them here.

    Geographical and demographics plays a big part of the success of trucking. The farther you live away from a hub the more likely you willl have to move into the hub or go Long Haul O.T.R. to get a job.

    Don't give up. Keep up your persistance and when your not looking a job offer will knock on your door.:biggrin_25519:
  6. lostNfound

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    Jun 28, 2007
    Home of the Stampede
    In just the last few days we've been innundated with O/Os fleeing the oil patch looking for work.
  7. tdb

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    Dec 18, 2008
    I agree with TruckinCanuck. You live in an area populated with carriers just east of you becuase, believe it or not, you actually live just north of the busiest surface freight corridor in the world: the 401! I argue strongly against looking to Alberta for work because that's an over-saturated and economically over-heated area.

    And frankly, I'm surprised no one's mentioned Challenger Motor Freight over in Cambridge, ON. Yes, they're a big company and have a fleet of automatics, but they'll hire students.

    There are quite a few other carriers that hire students near Guelph as well. Off the top of my head, there's: Kriska Transport, which has a terminal in Mississauga; Yanke Transport in Brampton; Muskoka Transport up in Bracebridge; Highland Transport in Markham; J&F Trucking in Ajax; SGT (Yes, I know, I know...) in Brampton; Werner, which has opened a small terminal in Milton; Con-way Freight (ex CFI), which I know was actively recruiting Canadian drivers out of Detroit to run the Detroit-Montreal corridor. Anyone know if they still are?

    Can anyone think of any others?
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  8. mudguts

    mudguts Bobtail Member

    Feb 9, 2009
    Toronto, Ontario
    I pass by the Yanke location in Brampton every day... There are always trucks parked in there and still lots of business in my opinion for the AZ drivers...

    it's the DZ and dumpers that seem to have slowed down around here. With the freeze coming on residential and commercial construction, not as many dumpers are needed. there are 3 parked out front of my house right now and they haven't moved in weeks. In the summer, they'd leave at 4am and come home at 9pm (pissed my wife off when they'd start up and wake the kids).

    I'm not even a trucker (yet) but i'm not too worried about the job market. There will always be a need for transportation.
  9. Workinonit

    Workinonit Bobtail Member

    Jan 31, 2009
    Victoria, BC
    Over 30 years I have worked through the days with no hours of service and companies that treat you like crap. The last couple were and are different, I run for Yanke out of Saskatoon, I live in Victoria. I set how long I want to be out (10 days min) and only once have I not been able to get back on the day I requested. From the owner on down, drivers are treated with respect. I get lots of miles, but am not pushed to run long days. The company strives for safety, it costs less to stay safe than write off a truck and load, I was scepticle when I started, as has been said, all companies talk safety but few follow through. Yanke is different. If you lack experience and don't mind running team with a mentor, have a clean abstract, good attitude and can cross border, call them.
  10. blackout430

    blackout430 Bobtail Member

    around here in the Maritimes it's bad too. i was told going into the trucking course that companies were desperate for truckers but i have yet to meet a desperate company yet! now i got issues with my abstract- can anyone tell me why I can't get coverage by trucking insurance companies with one no-fault accident and 2 speeding tickets (one almost 5 years old) but they will cover a guy with one accident, one speeding ticket, and a DUI as long as it's over 2 years old? frustrated does not even begin to cover how i'm feeling. the couple of hiring managers who took the time to call me back say it's my abstract but most don't even bother to call and tell you anything. at least i only got another 5 months to wait out that ticket, but by then it'll be over a year since i worked and i'm sure i'll be getting the same catch22 about experience needed to get experience.
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