Fired for one accident?

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    Jul 30, 2007
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    Okay, I start Watkins Shepard's school on August 27th and am very excited about doing so. However, after reading several posts about what happens to drivers who have accidents I am starting to get a little shaky. Do the companies really fire you over having one accident. Seems harsh. Driving 10-12000 miles a month they have to realize accidents are going to happen. I can see firing you for several preventable accidents, but one? Any experience or knowledge about exactly what will get you fired?
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  2. leannamarie

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    It really varies with the company. On my boyfriend's very first run, he plowed over a mailbox. I thought for sure that he would be fired, I mean it was his very first run. But it was fine. Other people have said that their companies would fire them for that. So it sounds like it is hit or miss.
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    It depends on the company and at what level they are operating on. There are jobs where if you ding something in the first 90 days while on probation, you are toast... Most outfits that hire new people and or have several hundred trucks will not fire you automatically for an accident. This does depend on your work history and of course the nature of the accident. A lot of companies will fire you for a rollover!
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    Aug 30, 2006
    That is somthing you want to ask before you hire on. Accidents do
    happen and different companies consider different things accidents.
    There is no hard and fast rule. I was told that one company will
    put a accident on your record if you break off your mud flaps by
    my instructor at school. But this same company gives you 3 accidents
    within a certain time frame before they fire you. I saw someone get
    fired from an LTL company for 1 accident. The guy was a good worker
    that moved more freight than most of them. He had no warnings or disapline problems. I would suggest not working at a company like that.
  5. rockee

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    Apr 17, 2007
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    I would not worry yourself too much about what is going to happen "if" you get in an accident, that will be just one other thing on your mind while training that doesnt need to be there. I would concentrate more on just driving as safe as you can and think ahead. What if this light turns red? What if that car comes out of the driveway? What can I do if that driver does such and such? Companies have different standards as to what they consider accidents and incidents, the dollar amount involved, severity, injuries, how you present your case while talking to safety or whoever, all sorts of stuff so just go into it with the attitude that you wont have any problems instead of thinking about it all the time
  6. dancnoone

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    May 6, 2007
    I work for W&S, but I can't directly answer your question regarding 1 accident. You can contact Roxy for more information. She could most likely answer this question directly.

    But, if it's you won't be fired.

    W&S does have a 90 day probationary period. But how strict they are about it, I do not know. I do know they will send you a letter at the end of those 90 days, welcoming you aboard. I know the guy that hired on a week after I did...was gone a week after I got my "welcome letter". As far as I know, he had no accidents, just a poor work attitude.

    Focus on the job, not the likelihood of an accident. Of course accident prevention is part of your job. And being nervous for your first few weeks/months is normal. Just don't dwell on it all the time.

    You'll see a lot of the W&S trucks with dents and dings on them. And most certainly a lot of dinged trailers.

    Most companies (good ones) will give you a pass on the first "minor" accident, but the second one... is debatable.
  7. Toby

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    Aug 25, 2006
    It depends on the company. I clipped the front end of a truck when I first started. The company handled it better then I did. Last week however, we had a new hire right out of school that drove a 13'6 trailer through a 12'8 viaduct in Chicago. Didn't even slow down and that with a bright yellow 12'8 sign posted right above the thing.
    Fired on the spot. So it depends on the company and the circumstances of the accident.
  8. leannamarie

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    Sounds like the company did the logical thing. Your incident was no big deal, the other guy's was major. How nice to work for a company with a brain that can make a distinction between the two.
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