First day behind the wheel!!

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    Jun 10, 2019
    What's really wonk is that my first trucking company put me in an auto truck for training, then stuck me in a manual when I got my own truck. So I had to remind them that I hadn't shifted a truck in 2 years since CDL school because my training truck was an auto. They said "Well just go up and down road in front of the building and get used to it again." I know it sounds stupid but it was like riding a bike. It was the EXACT same tranny I had in CDL school and after I hit the first gear, I hit the next 7 without a hitch. Learned how to float on the first load up to Chicago out of Memphis. Taught myself, really. Didn't even notice I was shifting after a while. Just doing it.

    A year and a month later that truck went to 0 oil pressure while driving and I coasted into a Loves. The replacement truck they brought me was another old truck, but an auto, and I've been in autos ever since.
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