First year OTR major weight gain

Discussion in 'Driver Health' started by Bigguy12, Sep 21, 2021.

  1. fairshake

    fairshake Road Train Member

    Oct 4, 2010
    Chickenville, BFE
    I don't understand how people get so over weight, for me when I gain 20-30 pds I get all kinds of small issues and feel I have to make immediate changes. All these signs tell me to stop drinking those sodas, eating lil debbies, or whatever it is. Im guessing people just ignore them or have pills for everything. I think gaining 145 in one year is a death sentence, better change now,
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  3. aussiejosh

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    Aug 28, 2009
    Airlie Beach QLd
    Must say I'd never really made any major weight gains till I came over and drove in the US, I put on around 13 kg almost 30 lb in 11 months of driving. I put it down to eating buffets at Flying J. and Golden Corral. Back in 2020 I went on this low carb fasting diet, and lost almost 10 kg in about 3 months. The idea being that we need a certain amount of energy per day once we eat more that the required amount of energy in the form of carbs our body simply can't just pass it out the other end which would be great, no it converts all unused energy in the form of glucose to fat and this is why we start gaining weight because we are just eating more energy than what our daily requirements are. By sticking to a low carb diet during my weight loss program this kind of created a carb famine this forces your body to look for alternative energy which will be stores of fat and this is how we start losing weight.
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  4. Lennythedriver

    Lennythedriver Road Train Member

    Feb 14, 2020
    I cook my own meals, I make chef salads in a jar (they hold 7-10 days that way. I freeze portions at 350-400 calories, I eat three of these a day, one salad and a smoothie with tons of greens in it. I drink about 1 gallon of water per day. No soda, no snacking, just stick to the above. During my day I’ll typically stop once for an hour. I used to take a nap for that hour. Now I get out and walk about 2-3 miles. At the end of my shift most nights I walk another 2 to 3 miles before going to bed.
    I’ve been doing this a month now, I’ve lost 22 pounds. I got about 15 more to go to get rid of the weight I’ve gained since starting OTR.

    I also lift weights 2-3 times per week, yes, outside my truck. I also have a folding Ebike so that I can make sure I keep my truck stocked with healthy foods by being able to ride/drive the thing to nearby healthy grocery stores.

    Here’s the kicker though. A lot of drivers will say “if you were real truck driver you wouldn’t have enough energy to do all that on top of your job“. I drive 500 to 650 miles pretty much every single day that I’m out. I don’t take naps anymore, and driving 650 miles in a day is easier than it’s ever been because of the above. The more exercise I do and the healthier I eat? The easier the driving gets.

    I was completely caught up in stuffing my face with his high carbohydrate and fattening food as I can get my hands on at the end of my shift and rolling over and going to sleep. That combination is lethal. Anyone can lose weight out here. It’s not as easy as doing it at home but it is still manageable.
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  5. GYPSY65

    GYPSY65 Road Train Member

    Nov 16, 2012
    SW FLA
    In the past several months I’ve lost around 25-30lbs.
    Maybe another 5-10 will put me about where I want to be so I wasn’t excessively over weight

    Didn’t change a ton to my diet but like I mentioned in an earlier post I do try and eat after about 5 hours of drive during my break then I’m not going in to the Truckstop when I stop

    I did buy a cube freezer for my last truck which was recently replaced for a big bunk but I would smoke brisket etc when home and freeze meals and having that extra freezer space helped a lot and I was eating much better food than that pizza in the window

    I heard an interview from Larry the cable guy and the owner of the below link
    But he claims and I’m sure he’s not wrong that we only get 50% of the nutrients from our food than we did in the 30’s
    My thought is. If we ate higher quality food, even though it’s more expensive that eventually our bodies would be getting what it needs and we would start eating less therefore that higher price might end up being the same as we spend now due to eating less??
    Not sure but my theory
    Haven’t been home yet to order anything but I am going to give it a try

    Farm-fresh vegetables shipped directly to you: order today!
  6. WesternPlains

    WesternPlains Road Train Member

    Sep 1, 2017
    You don't have to worry about what or how much you eat.
    You need to add minerals. If you follow the program and advise of Dr. Carolyn Dean at rna reset. You can do what you want. But you will drop weight. You will change what you feel like eating and how much. But no need to try. Just do what you feel like. But follow her program. She's right. It works.
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