Fixed - Issues with truck, engine, rpms, temp, aftertreatment and MPG

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  1. Pawel-pl

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    Jul 3, 2017

    For almost 2 years I had an issue with the truck, Volvo dealerships across Ontario got me to change most of the engine parts, sensors, etc. but the issues would still be there. All of the problems were caused by not updated computers in the truck. I will try to explain best I can all of the issues so maybe someone in the future can get it fixed before spending $$$$$ at Volvo.

    Volvo 780 2015 D13 with I-shift, 1.3mil km

    1. RPMs going up and down on idle
    2. Engine changing the way it runs during HWY drive a few times a day, loosing power, low MPG
    3. Hard start/off on the engine
    4. Low temp everywhere starting from engine to the top of the exhaust
    5. No passive or ineffective regen on HWY
    6. Soot level jumps from 10% to about 60% while driving on HWY in a second and engine derate msg shows up
    7. Sometimes soot level goes down back to 10% and derate msg is gone before you can stop for regen
    8. Often feel of lack of boost
    9. Transmission not switching gears as fast as before the rebuild,
    10. Engine brake malfunctioning, too strong or to week depends on the level of brake applied - comparing to before the rebuild
    11. Sometimes codes for communication on DATA Link or senor codes on NOX and differential sensors show up with no extension, as computers thinks something is wrong but doesn't know what
    12. Parked regen daily - this started about 2 weeks before we fixed it
    13. Low MPG, about 5.8 to 6.5 before computer update and after 6.8 to 7.2

    The short story is that we had one of the valves cracked on the engine so we got it fixed, changed all of the valves gaskets, turbo, etc.

    Unfortunately those repairs made truck work worse on 6 cylinders after repairs than on 5 cylinders working before the repair. So during those 2 years, we have been looking for a solution to fix the truck. Some might ask why I haven't brought the truck back to the dealership for repairs. The answer is I did, for them this was ok and normal and as long as you can drive as long there is no issue with the truck.

    What we changed in past 2 years was, 2nd turbo with VGT, all sensors - some of them twice, got new filters for aftertreatment, changed the whole bunch of pipes, hoses, new oil separator, air cooler, cleaned all of the exhaust from the engine to the end, adjustment on valves was done twice, etc.

    And what I believeis that all of the work and parts after the initial repair on the valves was just a waste of money and time. Those things never fixed the issue. All it needed was a "GOOD" computer update. I went twice to Volvo dealerships in the past year for the computer updates and computer check-in in 2 dealerships one in Ontario and one in Alberta. In both of them, I paid for the f*****g update and all I got was apparently the reset on the codes, they both took only 30 minutes. So if you are in Barrie or Calgary do not go to the Volvo dealerships for repairs, especially on computers.

    I had extra time on a recent trip to stop by in Casper WY at the Tri-Star Volvo dealership, and I asked them again for the check on the computer. They plugged on the computer and they said that I need updates as this computer never had any updates done. Yes, never done any updates,so I agreed and told them to do it, it took almost 3 hours to update all computers and systems for the truck. After all of the updates, they did the calibration, for engine, transmission, EGR, turbo, aftertreatment and all of the driver settings. With that done they said we need to do the service level of parked regen to check if all of the systems are working properly especially the after-treatment, they checked it and it was all good after the updates.

    As soon as I started the engine and got to the HWY, the truck was great. Got all of the power back, turbo works great, transmission changes gears as new, and since then I had no parked regen yet, passive regen is working and I got no codes on the dash at all. All I needed for this truck was a "GOOD" computer update. It has been over a week now and no issues, truck works like new.

    So when you guys get issues as I had with this truck, do not believe in Volvo quality of service. Check with other dealerships on how they would diagnose and fix the issues.

    This location in Casper WY is great, recommend for 100%, the technicians not only allow you to stay in the truck but they tell you and show you what is wrong.

    Sorry for the long text but I hope enyone having this issues will be able to save time and money on repairs.
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  3. 6cuda6

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    Oct 9, 2020
    Is their no way anyone can find out what programing level the ECMs are at? You would think that the dealership would check this first with faults as alot of the time a update fixes issues that engineering has solved. When i worked at VW nothing could be touched till this verification was fone.
  4. Mattmanstroked

    Mattmanstroked Light Load Member

    Nov 24, 2019
    Sounds like another half ### job and lightening of your wallet.

    Good shops are rare now days.
  5. yoandy

    yoandy Bobtail Member

    Aug 25, 2019
    Hello sir. Can you tell me good place where i can rebuild my ishift transmision??
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