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    I've followed your posts quite a bit on here and it seems like you've done well with your current company. It also seems like they've thrown some perks your way as well, new truck, driver of the month, hiring bonus so obviously they're trying to take care of you somewhat. If you're getting irritated with reefer they do have dry van as well so maybe drag one of them for awhile. Do they do much drop n hook to keep you moving in that? The last few days have been rough for you that's easy to see in your posts but I think you're right in thinking a little more before you jump to someone else. It never hurts to look though just don't do anything rash if you're 90% happy where you're at. You took a big step up when you left Roehl but there's no guarantee that'll happen again.
    Good Luck in what you decide though.
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    hey I really appreciate the advice and good words! They do have dry van but I'm not sure if much is drop n hook. It's all good, I actually like reefer just some places take too long lol but that may very well happen with van if I'm not doing drop n hooks. And my company has been very good to me, yesterday was just frustrating but it's all good! I got a good night rest and these guys will have to do more than this one mess up to make me leave, and challenger I looked into both company's you suggested looks like rhino pays very well and DMT looks better than any fb company I've seen! Thanks for your advice aswell. It's awesome having people on here being so helpful and supportive and I truly appreciate "words from the wise" as I'm only in my first year of driving and learning something new everyday and LOVING IT! thanks again guys!
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    I drive for SPS we require 3 years min. and must have f/b exp. look into TMC im hearing good things about them
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