Flatbed OTR driver needed up to $2000 weekly

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    Aug 8, 2010
    We are a fast growing company out of Georgia looking for a experienced OTR flatbed driver, however will hire a rookie and train if you are the right candidate. This is a 1099 position and we would like our guys to stay out 2 weeks plus. We do offer a weekly incentive to stay out over two weeks to make it more appealing. We will hire pretty much from anywhere in the Midwest all the way down to Florida and fly you out for the orientation which just takes a few hours. Must be proficient in securement and definitely have coil experience. Again, we will hire a rookie though and train with a trainer if they are the right fit. We offer $50 tarp pay, but we only use 4 foot tarps. When starting this business that's one thing we decided, because I personally hate to tarp, especially with 8 and 6 footers. So I said if I won't do it, then our guys aren't going to have to do it. I also always look for no tarp loads first, but sometimes we just can't help but get them. If you are interested in this opportunity, please give me a call 863-808-8356 or email brian@truckingguysllc.com. Appreciate it.
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