FLD 132XL Conversion Possibilities

Discussion in 'Freightliner Forum' started by RH Skinny, Nov 27, 2022.

  1. RH Skinny

    RH Skinny Bobtail Member

    Nov 27, 2022
    I've been looking to purchase an FLD132 XL as a project truck. There aren't a lot out there in my price range and most of them aren't configured the way I'd like anyhow. (Cat engine with an 18spd transmission) I currently own a '96 fld120 SBA(set back axle) and was wondering if anybody knows if a truck like it could possibly be converted to an FLD132 XL. Specifically, would I be able to move the front axle forward on an SBA frame? Obviously I would be getting a new hood and the panels behind the wheels if it were possible as well as air cleaners etc. I realize there would be other things that would also have to be addressed, but in the end, if a SBA could be used for this build it would open up so many more trucks that I could consider purchasing for this build. Alternatively, could I use an FLD120 Classic and move the cab rearward to compensate for the longer hood? Might be opening a can of worms considering this I know.
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  3. Rideandrepair

    Rideandrepair Road Train Member

    Aug 8, 2015
    Be better to just find a 132XL. Pay a little bit more upfront maybe, but save a lot more in time and probably money too. New hood alone is probably over $3000 aftermarket these days. There’s a lot of 132XL’s for sale right now in the Truckpaper. Probably more Classics for sale than 120’s. Finding a Cat in any Freightliner will be hard. More likely to find one in a Classic, Not to mention the value of the finished product. Original vs. clone. As far as FLD120’s, they’re becoming a rare Truck. Very few real nice ones left. I saw one recently that looked almost new. It really caught my eye. Funny, like cabovers, they were a dime a dozen at one time. In 2000, they were being auctioned off for $3-$7k. There were a lot of late model used Trucks for low prices. Market was flooded with the old ones, as Fleets upgraded. Most went to Mexico, and are probably still running. Custom is nice. But all original is best IMO for any vehicle.
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