"Flying J" elkton, md. exit 109 I-95:

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  1. tpollard

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    Dec 24, 2011
    Elkton, MD
    p.s. There is NO new ownership & the county jail has nothing to do with the quality of our food, service or other personnel. Get your facts straight before you post GARBAGE. You probably got sick from the crap you eat in your truck!
  2. losttrucker

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    Mar 9, 2008
    If the food is that sorry of quality at your home then I feel sorry you.

    Oh yea I just love having my "home cooked meal" tossed, slammed, dropped in front of me by a waitress who has a look on her face as if she is constipated.

    If that was a "feel at home" atmosphere, I'd never go back "home"
    We can't even get yall to listen to our order so do you really believe we try to have conversations with you??

    Your clean and My clean must have 2 totally different meanings. Matter of fact I had the displeasure of eating dinner there one evening, well got up the next morning,made my delivery, went back (guess I'm a glutton for punishment) to grab Breakfast while waiting on a new load, and lo and behold the same pile of french fries was still lying in the floor as the previous night. If thats how the front is "kept clean" I don't wanna see the back!!

    As far as the prep cooks, cooks, line workers, wait staff, apperance says alot. Nothing makes me sicker to see the "cooks" with some dirty ##### clothes, nappy matted hair, and SWEAT running all off their face.

    Now on to the wait staff: nothing screams PROFESSIONAL as much as a waittress with the pure stale smell of sweat, the apperance of having just rolled out of bed and threw some clothes on, and the ABSOLUTE WORST is when they have pure DIRT UNDER THEIR 6inch long finger nails and/or their fingernails are soooo long they cant even hold a pen or even carry a plate of food without that long ##### nail going into my food!

    Heck the only reason your family members eat there are:
    A) They work there
    B) They are there to get a "hook up" or a discounted meal
    C) They have no clue what good, or even decent food tastes like!

    Oh yea I love being served nasty, tasteless, cold food, and on top of that someone cant tell the difference between butter / no butter on toast. As far as the service and attention, yea I love when me and the waittress lock eyes and I motion her to bring a refill of tea or coffee over and get the reaction of I just asked her to some monumental task that isn't in her "job description"

    You should change that to "Some hard working, has some expectations of a DECENT meal, would tip better, hungry man who expects a truely clean place to have a meal" if the waittress would even acknowledge we have sat down after examining which chair has the least amount of food in it or around it!

    That's the first TRUE statement you said, because sometimes I think horse, raccoon, deer or any other meat would taste better!!

    Just because it's "approved" doesn't mean it's acceptable quality for that $10-$20 price!!

    Just calling it like I see it!!

    Its pretty funny that one of your fine upstanding cooks had an ankle monitor on, maybe the service would be better if you found some people who actually give a d***. Get YOUR facts straight before you come on here spewing B.S.

    I don't recall EVER giving myself food poisioning, or having my "home cooked meal" being thrown onto the table in front me all the while served cold and tasting like crap.
  3. ironpony

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    Sep 23, 2007
    Ask my GPS...
  4. RickG

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    Jul 22, 2008
    Owensboro , KY
    With that attitude we should send Gordon Ramsey to feature you on "Kitchen Nightmares " :biggrin_25510:
  5. mr truckdriver

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    Mar 2, 2008
    ft myers fl
    This is a shame it was at one time a good petro and even though it was always busy could find a place to park if you rode around the lot as people were always coming and going
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