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    Hello, I have driven locally for a little over a year for a local company, using a 53' trailer and a day cab. I traveled a 5 state area, but was home daily. Well things got slow, and I was laid off. I live just outside of Lancaster Pa. and applied for and was hired by LCL Bulk Trans. They have to in Elizabethtown Pa. and one in WI, and haul mostly food grade chocolate. I went to the terminal yesterday after my drug screen and physical. I had a boat load of paperwork to do, but it was all waiting for me in a nice folder, with most of my info already filled in....I only needed to sign. I thought that was cool of them to do. The terminal consisted of a few wash bays for the trucks and tanks, but everything I could see was well maintained and clean. The few people there were vary friendly and helpful. The company runs late model mack condo type rigs. I have no idea what to expect other than I will be out 4-5 days with most weekends off. I know it is going to be a bit of a challenge driving a truck with a sleeper. I will be with a trainer for at least one week, that is what the manager told me, so I can learn, the loading/unloading process, paperwork etc. and he wants to try to get me at least one Canada run, while with a trainer. Anyone know much about this company? Any tips on hauling a food grade tanker, and what to expect my first week with a trainer. I have never shared a truck before. They provide uniforms, so other thank clothes, what should I bring. Any help at all will be great. Thanks
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    To bad no reply's.So how did this job work out? Good I hope.:wav:
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    Get a truckstop booklet at pilot. It lists rest areas and fuel stops along with mile markers. After a while you will remember the good ones.If you havent signed up for a loves or pilot card, get one. Loves gives you unlimited showers,coffee and drinks when you purchase over 1000 gals/month. They also have a book with all of their locations.Or you can load up the smartphone apps if you have one. Good luck tanker yanking.
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    Run away as fast as you can. If you like sitting for hours on top of hours then LCL is the job for you. I have seen drivers sit as long as 60 hours at a account. Yes they pay detention. But you need to take 10 hours out for every 24 you sit. So if this is what you are looking for have at it. Some weekend they sit drivers for 24 hours or longer. Granted you get paid 8 hours out of 24 but what driver wants to sit in a truck stop our at a terminal for that long when it is better to just give I'm something going by his house so at least he can see his family for the day. Plus I have never been home every weekend it is 2 weeks out 2 days off. Unless you live near the terminal. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the heads-up jd727!!
    I was thinking about signing on with them at the Elkhorn, WI terminal. I have heard the same thing about sitting for hrs and hrs with them. I know one guy who works for them and says he don't mind sitting as long as he's getting paid, but he says he gets $200 a day for just sitting on an account or doing City accounts. I don't know though, he just sat for 3 whole days last week, and #####ed about it to someone else, but said it was GREAT to me..? Ya, not so sure now!!
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