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    Apr 12, 2009
    Yes I'm still at Foodliner but would have to say Im a little dissappointed in the pay compaired to what was told to me when I was hired.The dry side is very busy and does real good on pay for that reason but the liquid side is up and down so its all according to which side you will be pulling for,the liquid or dry!! The people are great to work with but as with any company there is some things to be desired in the upper management and we are getting new equipment little by little.2011 Cascadia's which are very nice but not getting these fast for the Columbia's are on a 5 to 7 year lease and the owner of the company owns a Freightliner dealership up north so these are all we have.Its the typical trucking company in my opinion who only worrys about the bottom line and getting the load there but will let you off if you need to do something and works with you if you want to run a certain way.You pretty much control the money but most all loads are a flat rate price it pays you and the first of the year were suppose to get a small raise on some of these and some extra bonuses for longivity with the company.You do get a bonus every quarter which is every 3 months that adds up to couple hundred bucks before taxes but again its according to which side you pull for and the money you make this is based on. It has its up and downs but honestly when I get a chance I will find something closer to my house for its a hour drive for me and I believe you make more by the hour than by the load and I have done them both in the past.There is alot of drivers who has been there for a while and love it and all in all its a good job so you just have to pick your poison when it comes to pulling food grade for the business is not consistant it seems from time to time so I hope this helps but this is all from my experience I have had for almost 2 years now!!!!
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    Thanks for the update volvo, still kinda weighing my options on the whole thing. At least it seems like a company you can tolerate. I'm doing the whole hourly thing right now with 40 minute commute each way 5 days a week, assuming we actually get to work every day. I consider it an awesome week to break $400 so trying to figure out if its worth leaving my comfy bed every night to hunt for the pot of gold.
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