Foreign Nationals and Scales

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  1. Sabine in Mo

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    May 11, 2006
    Fredericktown, MO
    ok, here it goes.....I moved here to be with my husband, whom I married while he was overseas. I came here to be with him, I would have gone anywhere to be with him, it just turned out to be the US.

    I am alone now, my husband passed away, but after half of a lifetime here, it has become home. With its flaws and problems it is home.

    If I was still at home in Germany, sure I would have it as good, or maybe better than here. And I would be able to freely speak, more so than here. For the most part I bite my tongue here, since you get bashed for speaking your mind. I was always encouraged to think for myself, to speak my mind. I, like many foreigners had a vision of how it would be here, and while some of the things were true, the one thing that I find sad, is that freedom of speech is apparently only for those who were born here, and generally say what the majority thinks.
    Not how I thought it would be. Sure I can say what I think, but the consequences could be very ugly, depending where I may say something.

    Patriotism should NEVER be blind. Imagine you had a Saddam Hussein type as a president. Would you still patriotically rally behind him? Germans where very patriotic standing behind Hitler, blindly patriotic, see where it led us? Into WW2 and the slaughter of millions of people in death camps.

    To be patriotic means to me, to guard the ideals of your country, while holding those in charge accountable for what they do. Question things that aren't right, and be part of a solution in fixing those wrongs.

    If the founding fathers of this country would have applied the way of thinking some of you have, there would be a British flag flying from the White House not the American flag.

    I do like it here, but liking and loving it here, does not stop me from seeing the flaws. I know there are things here, most of us shake your heads over, does that mean you all need to get out of here too?

    I live here, pay taxes here, have a life here. I guess by that definition I am an American. But I don't have the papers that back that up, so I am not.

    Everyone assumes I speak freely because I am here in the US. The foundation for my blabbermouth were laid in Germany, where where I always spoke my mind too. I never found Germany to be less free than here. And no, I am not going home to there .As I said, my life is here. My job, my house, my friends. The only thing left there is my mom and dad. And some friends. I thought about it, after my husband died, but to be honest, at the time, it was too much to just pack up and leave. The grief took all my strength.

    Well, off to work I go, and you all have fun tearing me a new one again. I will check in, in about 2 weeks.
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  3. 379 Peterbilt

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    Nov 12, 2005
    Speaking for myself here --- my previous post of "if ya don't like it here in the USA, then GTFO" (googable acronym) was not directed at anyone in particular in this thread.

    It was however, directed to those who come here, (legaly or otherwise), to basicaly become American and #### about how good your "old country" was/is.

    Yes this country has its problems, no doubt. Alot of it has to due with our "represenatives" in Washington DC, and the garbage they force down our throuts.

    Additionaly, I may add that when this countrys citizens have been forced into the option of "press 1 for eengleesh" while on the phone, there just might be some disgruntled Americans.

    To come here is legaly is fine. But please become an American, not a misplaced foriener who's more proud of the dumpy 3rd world country they just left.
  4. Lurchgs

    Lurchgs Road Train Member

    Feb 13, 2008
    Denver, CO
    Sabine -

    First, let me express my condolences on your husband. I'm guessing he was military and that, in the end, cost both him and you. If it were possible, I'd express my thanks to him directly.

    Sadly, you are correct - at least in part. It's more noticeable in some forums than in others. Online is particularly given to over-reaction by the GTFO branch. It's one of those things that, I suspect, just about every country has, in one form or another. Please continue - ignore the tantrums as you would any 4-year-old having a hissy fit. Of course, that's the problem with free speach. While you can tender your opinion - so can the jerkwad down the street.

    But bear in mind, for every one of the GTFO frothers, there's a hundred or more who are probably too embarrassed to say anything at all.

    I think I agree with Peterbuilt 379 and RonMars to this extent - those who come here and do nothing but whine and complain are welcome to go back. Sorry, people like that are part of the problem.

    You loved a part of this country enough to leave your home and come here. Me, I'm glad you stayed. If I were in your situation, I'm not sure I could have. On the flip side - I don't understand why you haven't become a citizen. But that's a personal choice on your part, and no business of mine. If you are here and productive, you are welcome.

    I do not care who points out flaws. After all, I point at a bunch of them myself - and I certainly don't own the market. I do wish that we flaw pointer-outers could do more than just say "that's broken". That's why I try to also include suggestions for ways to fix the problem. No, I'm not always successful - but I do try.

    Anyway - this whole thread is starting to turn into a political boo-haw... The OP has probably come to regret mentioning the fact that the driver in question was not U.S. born (just because you don't speak the language very well doesn't mean you haven't become an American citizen, after all). Perfect English doesn't mean you ARE a citizen...

    So - before it all goes to heck in a trolly, let me reiterate, Sabine - in my book, you are more than welcome to stay and say what you please. If I disagree enough, I'll say something. If I agree enough, I'll say something. I'm unlikely to tell you to GTFH unless you start bashing ideals and principles - and you haven't, that I've seen.
  5. Grinnbearit

    Grinnbearit Bobtail Member

    Wow! this thread took an awkward turn. . . What's so great about America is that you can say largely what you like and no one will point a gun to your head and call you a traitor before they put you out of your "misery" I'm sure we have all seen some of the national headlines of the WNBA player that is representing Russia in basketball at the olymics this summer (when was the last time you wathced that ?) She played summer basketball in Russia in college and was offered to play on their team first and she accepted. Amazingly she was offered a starting role on the USA team about three weeks too late. Sometimes others appreciate differences and greatness before we do ourselves. She's currently being berated by numerous talk radio and tv hosts who say she's a traitor. Hmm. I wonder when did we started this gestapo thing with patriotism. Sometimes I think we take it too far and just don't appreciate the small differences that make us all great not only as American but as humans. Bottom line is we're all here to earn a living, be happy, and stay out of each others way. Lets stick to that.


    By the way Keep channel 19 clear for information not personal opinions or views. Thx.
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