Found my dream truck but have a few questions

Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by BulletProof, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. rank

    rank Road Train Member

    Feb 11, 2010
    50 miles north of Rochester, NY
    But was it red?
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  3. rockyroad74

    rockyroad74 Heavy Load Member

    Wow! Clean, clean truck. Looks like frame, engine, and body was repainted.

    As much as I like it's clean condition, I have to consider the value of the running gear. This is where most of a truck's value resides.

    It has 1.4 million miles. I own a similar 379 with 3406E Cat with 1.3 million. First, the engine had in-frame 700k ago but head is not touched. It's time for platinum overhaul, $25000. Second, the tranny has 700k since last rebuild. It may go lo ger but you can expect to spend $11000 for Eaton reman tranny, clutch, and labor. Third, rears are due for overhaul. Fourth, wiring is due for rewiring if they didn't do it when painting. Wires get old and dry out, connections go bad, and Pete 379 fuse panels get corrosion from windshield and roof leaks around horns and cab lights. Another problem is spindles wear out where bearing races meet spindle underneath. I got quotes to do the 4 drive spindles from $2200 to $4000. I don't know how much the rears and wiring will cost, for sure. I guess about $5000 including oil and labor maybe. The wiring cost a guy I know $7000 for his Pete. It probably needs or will need very soon a starter, AC compressor, clutch, and dryer, condensor, alternator, radiator, charge air cooler, wheel bearings, kingpins, tie rod ends, steering gear, leaf spring bushings, motor mounts, cab bushings, sleeper air bags and shocks, wheel shocks, drivelibe ujoints and carrier bearing, fan hub, all rubber lines for fuel and air systems, too. This "little stuff" will be around $20000 or so. Don't forget this is a 1.4 million mile truck that is 11 years old!

    So add it up. It'll cost you $70000 - $80000 here shortly over the initial $60000 price, for a rough total of $140000 not counting tax and downtime cost. Also, think about insurance payout in case of total loss. You want to be covered on your investment. Many will not see it for more than a $20000 truck.

    Don't let the paint fool you. This is a dog at that price!
  4. jbatmick

    jbatmick Road Train Member

    Dec 1, 2009
    hastings, Fl
    Yeah, but it is a PETE ! ( sarcasm )
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  5. wore out

    wore out Numbered Classic

    Jun 5, 2013
    Well it is the right color, the right drivetrain etc. When it comes to value it's not what we think but what you are willing to give. It is different if your buying it to flip or thinking you may have to sell it fast due to financial trouble. You have a list of must haves when buying used they are hard to find, I have seen folks buy a truck not close to what they want and throw money at it to make it what they want. I think your approach is better.
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  6. Richter

    Richter Road Train Member

    Feb 13, 2012
    Philadelphia Pa
    If you do a lot of empty driving and aggressive braking you can sometimes bounce the front trailer axle if running 24's on truck and 22's on trailer. this will cause bald spot, but unless you drive like an idiot, you should be fine. Weight distribution doesn't change much. You could always replace the rubber eventually. I knwo 279's are pricey, but thats a lot of dough for a truck with 1.4 million on it. Yea the motor has been in framed, but trans diffs and everything else on the truck haven't. As for cost and timing for infram. It should be a million, but it needed the first at 700. That says to me, either it had an abusive driver, poor maintenance, it is just a bad motor. If the first one was 700k, you could need another one now. It may last longer, but it may not. Also, Its ok to do an inframe the first time, but i'd recommend an out of frame the second time, which ofcourse cost more. It varries significantly by who does it, what they replace and the quality of work. Ive heard as cheap as 10k, but a good reputable mechanic will charge at least 20. Now if your a mechanic, maybe you know how to do it yourself. Personally, i would never pay that much for a truck that old....but thats just my .02.
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  7. marmonman

    marmonman Road Train Member

    Dec 14, 2009
    central illinois
    Here's the bottom line ....if you like it and you want it then buy it .
    You are the one that has to like it and what we think don't mean squat !!

    If it is your DREAM truck then get it and go live the dream baby !!!!
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  8. RenegadeTrucker

    RenegadeTrucker Road Train Member

    Dec 25, 2009
    I don't care what kind of shape that truck is in, 62,000 is too much money for that truck.

    You can find those trucks all day long with that engine around that mileage for less than 35,000

    I mean unless that truck has been repainted within the last 2 years, has new seats, tires are 80% or better all the way around and the trans has been done in the last 3 years, at that price point that truck is insanity.

    You will be much better off doing a bit more searching.

    There are also several other things to consider on that truck too, like has the radiator been replaced? what kind of shape is the fan shroud in? Those two things right there can run you 3,500.00 easy.

    As well rearends can get expensive fast.
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  9. Road Boss

    Road Boss Light Load Member

    Mar 15, 2014
    East Tennessee
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  10. supernova

    supernova Bobtail Member

    Jan 11, 2014
    Calgary AB
    Fifth Wheel height on 24.5 rubber ? I can tell you as I have the same rig that it depends on how high the box is. I pulled for a company that had a rule on 11r 24.5 and that was the top of the fifth wheel could not exceed 48 from ground . I did exceed 48" and measured 49.5 I had to buy a lower slider kit from Holland fifth wheels at a cost of $600 plus fitting. The lower slider kit brought it down by 1" and a little shuffle with the air ride got half inch. I would go and measure that if you intend to pull a new dry van. If you do exceed 13ft 6" trailer height you'll know when you break the light beam on entrance to the scale.As the truck's drive tires wear out you will come down a little.
    whilst we are talking tall rubber , you should know that they are harder to find when you blow one out and tire installers seem to want around $600 each on the side of the hwy to replace one compared to around $400.
    On a more positive note if you decide that the trucking business is not working at least you can sell a used Pete unlike the poor guys who maybe leased an old prostar and are stuck with it
    When the truck was sold new it would of been to the spec of the original customer and we should be aware that it may not be correct for your application.
    You should expect $20k plus for a full inframe by Cat .

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