frame mounted circuit breaker - pete 359

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  1. Hogleg

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    Nov 20, 2016
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    My truck has a frame mounted circuit breaker mounted inside the frame near the starter. My metal covered compressor discharge hose fell down in between the motor and the frame while I was redoing air lines and it shorted out on the breaker and started smoking. While this is a unusual occurrence, I think there should be some sort of cover on the breaker. Can anyone that has a pete 359 or 379 check to see if there is a cover present to avoid shorting out? Since this is direct from the battery, a solid short could cause a fire. Seems like a strange place to mount a breaker anyway, down in the grime and grit. I would have had it up on the firewall if I was the engineer in charge.

  2. rmankid

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    Mar 21, 2016
    I've seen the breaker you are talking about but it's been a while; memory tells me it does not have a cover. The logic behind not covering it may be related to how close it is to the starter which also has exposed connections.
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    Hogleg, On a 379 i had some yrs ago-someone had wrapped a piece of innertube around it,ziptied the ends and remounted it.
    Maybe you could/should remount it yourself-elsewhere's.I'd check that option out since you smoked it alittle--might have compromised the integrity of the wires.If you have some insulation bubbling or they(wires) are hardened-dont trust them.
    On a side note-no-no covers were made factory for it.There's only been 2 people who dropped metal lines across it-they guy that owned my old 379 n yourself.---------It's a joke John.
  4. E model Cat man

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    Jun 10, 2014
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    Their is usually a metal deflector built on to the breaker and is suppose to prevent anything from just falling onto it and arcing out. But things happen....that being said a friend had a not so mechanically inclined guy change a drivers side front rear spring hanger. The top bolt on the hanger also holds the circut breaker bracket in place. Long story short the guy didnt get the bracket back in place and 2 days later the truck burnt and it was found to be where the fire started.
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