FREE driver! Experience is my pay.

Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by FZ37, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Lilbit

    Lilbit Road Train Member

    Aug 4, 2008
    Let me check my logbook
    How many other 'jobs' get into your blood so to speak to the point where you are always thinking about returning to it once you do give it up? I've been out of the seat for 10 years, and still think about it, still drool over a purdy truck, and would still do it if I could. I still look for more than 5 gears in my 4-wheeler, still comment on whether the coops are open or not, and still occasionally have to remind myself that I don't have to go through that open scale! I don't think about other work I have done in the past in the same way! I just wish I had a jake brake in my 4 wheeler!
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  3. Bumpy

    Bumpy Road Train Member

    Jan 27, 2009
    New Ulm,MN
    Aint that the truth....If I were new,I"d run,& run like hell,- I just might anyway:biggrin_25521:
  4. FZ37

    FZ37 Light Load Member

    Oct 15, 2010
    (Southern) Virginia
    Hey all! Thanx for the responses.Hey rollin, why do you say UNverifiable exp? Why wouldn't I be able to prove I ran with someone? I did get a response and the man with the plan is being very generous and acomadating. Lilbit and others are rite. It is a lifestyle and one of my choosing. I just feel I can learn the most with an O/O and the gentlemen who responded to my post is going out of his way to help me. I am lucky there are still some people willing to do that. Most are just selfish and greedy. Ya this will help him financially more than I but It will pay off for me down the road.(No pun intended) If all goes well this man would like to get another truck runnin so If I help his business maybe he will help me. I have nothing to loose because otherwise I have to wait a year for the crap on my record to be 5 yrs old. A yr on the couch or a yr in a truck gaining experience? I'm lookin' foreword to it and so is the wife! Ha
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  5. rollin coal

    rollin coal Road Train Member

    Mar 29, 2008
    Because when your scheme fails and you try to fall back on a company gig no company out there is going to hire you. Their insurance won't allow it. You're driving off the books your "employer/slave master" isn't paying taking out any taxes on your soc sec# etc. You cannot prove you have any experience at all..... I dont think it's going to pan out for you but good luck anyways. Lots of people get burned in this business you're basically begging for it.. Don't get me wrong I love trucking but it's not a lifestyle to me. I never say "10-4 honey" when I'm asked to do something at the house. I leave that stuff on the road. Maintinence on hometime is another story lol.... But I don't do the "lifestyle" trucking thing for weeks on end... Five or 6 days out is more than enough for me..
  6. JimDriv3r

    JimDriv3r Road Train Member

    Aug 2, 2009
    If I were an owner/op, I'd take the gamble and let you train on my truck. You'll probably get paid, although the amount of pay will depend on how much work we get every week (it's all about PROFIT). Keep in mind though: one scratch on the truck and you're paying for dinner everyday until you've spent at least half of what it would cost to repair the damage. No pressure though......j/k.

    In all seriousness though, I think that the quality of training and experience will be more beneficial working under an o/o. You will learn to treat that truck like it's yours, run hard and get used to it, learn how to deal with brokers that try to push cheap freight on you (a no-no), etc.

    Even though there are some o/o's that seem like grumpy and stubborn s.o.b's, maybe you'll learn more from them than from some company's "trainer".
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  7. Mr. PlumCrazy

    Mr. PlumCrazy Road Train Member

    Jul 30, 2009
    Lexington NC
    This is one of them thing where to much can go wrong and in some cases real wrong. I would be worried about Insurance coverage DOT loosing my CDL Jail. In the old days thats how it was done but these new laws and cops
  8. heavyhaulerss

    heavyhaulerss Road Train Member

    Dec 23, 2009
    I started this way. years ago I worked as a pipe fitter & laid steel gas lines for a co. I worked for. the co. also hauled propane in their own tanker, along with gasoline & diesel. they were their own distributor. while on break I was talking to the tanker driver & he asked if I ever thought about getting my class a c.d.l. I said no, why would I even consider it? he replied. If you ever need a job you have a better chance with one than without one. he mentioned every town & city has trucks, wether private or city work. he said it may not pay much, bu I could make a living with it.

    I talked to mine & his supervisor & asked about me going on the transport with him & learning the driving as well as the load/unload procedures of the tanker. my supervisor said o.k. but there would be no extra pay. I said fine. my shift was from 8 am til 5 pm the tanker shift was from 1 am til 8 am I went with him & learned & learned. it took a while. I finally got comfortable behind the wheel.

    not long after that the co owners retired & sold the place. I looked for about 5 months before deciding if I should get into trucking & wich route to take. I decided to pay cash for all my equip & it took me 5 months or more to decide on a truck. that was over 11 years ago. I am still going strong with the same truck, still choosing to work when I want to. having a full time job at the time of training helped. 47 guy's at the co had the chance to do what I done. they did not want to. they said I was crazy to work for nothing. I told them the more I know the more I'm worth. they said the more you know the more you will be expected to do, with out any more pay. That was fine with me.

    I even told my boss after I got my cdl if he needed me to drive the tanker I would do it with out any additional pay. just for him giving me the opportunity to learn to drive & get my cdl. some folks do not have the ambition. I did. millions of people pay for education. anytime I can learn for free, & the cost is only my time.. turn me lose. I have learned, electrical, plumbing & a whole lot more just because I was willing to learn. best of luck to you.
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  9. person

    person Light Load Member

    Jan 6, 2007
    First thing I'd want is some kinda proof you weren't guilty on the stealing charge. How could the court get ya if you hadn't signed a paper or something as good? Not saying you ARE are a thief, but how would someone know if you were or not? I mean you got busted for it. No doubt there's all kinda newbies willing to drive free if they can sell fuel and basically screw the owner every other day for something and then just walk when things blow up, leaving the owner to pick up the pieces. Not saying your a bad apple, but not knowing you, it'd be pretty hard to hire you. Also it's not business as usual with a new trainee, and there would be a financial gamble. I think I probably just posted what alotta people were just thinking.

    Best wishes for your job hunt though.
  10. FZ37

    FZ37 Light Load Member

    Oct 15, 2010
    (Southern) Virginia
    Thanx heavyhauler. I have wished for several years that I grew up in the 40's or 50's. Back when things wern't so complicated. Or atleast they didn't make it that way. I c ur point person.Like I said not many people willing to do someyhing like that but if I can learn something new i'm there. It was her word against mine and in the end dropped. There was never actually anything taken. She tried taking my time is really what it boiled down to. The kicker is I did lots of work for her and one day this happens.On a fixed budget and wanting more work she tried stretching "her dollar" or ME as I put it. Anyway anyone in home improvement knows people like this. It happens. Specially when you do extras and say don't worry about it so you can get the neighbor reference who needs lots of repairs on multiple properties. What the hell! I just want to DRIVE!!
  11. FZ37

    FZ37 Light Load Member

    Oct 15, 2010
    (Southern) Virginia
    So after all that has been said It will be done rite.The guy that is helping me is getting me on his insurance (500 mile radius) for first 6 months. Ends up really being 1,000 miles if your north 500 then go south past your base 500 your able to drive 1,000 mile. Also can go outside that range 15% of the time. We figured it will work out and he can keep me busy all summer to fall getting my 6 mo.exp. then I can go all 48. I'm thankful for the opportunity.
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