Freymiller, "What is the Future?"

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    Hello all. I guess I direct this question to the Freymiller drivers on this page. What is the future of Freymiller? What is the word on the street or at the terminal? By now I'm sure you have all read the article in Freightwaves. I am very interested in what's going on there. They were on my short list. So it did concern me to read this. I'll summarize the article. It basically mentioned 3 companies that are looking for buyers, Heniff, Superior Bulk Logistics AND Freymiller. I'll quote the writer on the part about Freymiller.
    "Freymiller the third trucking company now exploring a sale . Is a second-generation family owned carrier. That recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding. Freymiller runs more the 530 tractors and offers dedicated, intermodal and refrigerated services.David Freymiller son of founder and chairman Don Freymiller has been the chief executive officer for 25 years. The oldest son Dennis , is Freymiller's vice president of sales and marketing. And daughters Diane and Denise also work at the carrier. S.J. Miller Consulting estimated that Freymiller posted 2018 revenues of $98 million."
    So what is the pulse of the company drivers? I know you hear of changes in the industry every week. What does the future look like at Freymiller? And please, please tell me they aren't entertaining the thought of getting swallowed up by a mega carrier ie Swift/Knight/Abilene etc. ! Freymiller being a smaller carrier is what drew me to them in the first place. I just wanted to hear what was going on from a current driver there before I made any kind of commitment to them. Let's hope for the best. I just dont want to see them lose their identity.
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    0 he the REAL slim shady?
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    Pulling tanks in ORD? (Chicagoland?!?!) <<< I would say yes. Eminen's got NOTHING on him, imho~!!!!
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