Frustrating Idle Cutoff

Discussion in 'Swift' started by highflight1985, Apr 17, 2012.

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    What inkeper said that's the Bluetooth for the phone. Unless they moved it on the 17 the air temp sensor is in front of the radiator on the bottom side left I believe or its on the mirror housing. Usually where they put it on the evolution. Don't know what type of Cascadia their running.
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    How about don't work for a company too cheap to give drivers an APU. JB Hunt, Schneider, Swift, CR England, Crete are all big enough they can do it. Just too #### cheap and they don't allow idling. I refuse to work for a company without an apu. Matter of fact I just got out of the shop after getting mine fixed. I am a human not an animal. I won't freeze, I won't cook and I will get proper sleep.
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    It’s always mainly been a tactic to cull the herd, most just idle or opti idle lately.
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    I don't get all the "Swift won't let drivers idle" garbage. Ive had 2 different driver managers that said "We don't really care about your idle time." They all know that we have to idle the trucks. If your DM is ever saying anything about your idle time, its because you're a problem driver. If you're safe and maintain good communication, along with getting loads picked up and delivered on time, Swift doesn't give 2 s***s about your idle time.
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    Dealer can handle that
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    I've said that many times here.

    The current problem is with trucks that have programmed temps that limit when you can idle.
    My current truck will read 5-10 degrees high, especially when it is cold. So if it 25 degrees, and I should be able to idle at that temp, it reads 35 and I can't.

    I can cheat the system for 30 minutes by wedging my tire thumper between the seat and pedal, but that only works for 30 minutes.
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