Fueling while on Personal Conveyance (PC)?

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    Mar 13, 2017
    Company drivers and leased on O/O can do whatever pleases them with Personal Convenience. If your company get audit and fined, its not your problem. One of my last company said its ok to use PC to take truck to the shop. FMCSA clearly say NO. Oh well, not my problem.
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    Mind if I wash the windows..... on p/c

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  3. course you could do that.. anything you have to log is duty status that's all and fuel and VIR included in that
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    When I was doing my initial audit the DOT officer said I could not do anything unless I logged it. So I am at Walmart shopping and I take my truck and have the oil changed I need to log it right! She said again anything. So if I call on a perspective client I have to log it. She said no.......sooooo not everything.
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