Genox- an honest review for my fellow and future hazmat drivers

Discussion in 'Hazmat Trucking Forum' started by cabwrecker, Dec 6, 2021.

  1. cabwrecker

    cabwrecker The clutch wrecker

    Mar 23, 2012
    I am writing this as a surface review of this company, for my fellow cryogenic and hopeful cryogenic drivers.

    I will also keep this short, you’re busy, I’m busy. Enough said.

    With that in mind; it’s a less than okay company to drive for, and a worse company to lease from, in my honest opinion.

    I’ve been here, for a little over a year. I came here, just after Mike Greeve’s departure, and came up under the installment of Lonnie Todd into upper management (our fellow Trimack drivers from Detroit will recognize the name.)

    With that in mind, I will also not dive into the minutia, of the series of events that have triggered this post.

    I came here, from a bad place in life. I came here with high hopes, seeing the success of my friends that were here. I was, and have been- sorely disappointed.

    I got here and found nothing but challenging management, poor stewardship, and very mouthy middle management. A company that as a whole, passes the buck of failure. When a department is at fault, I truly wish you the best of luck correcting it,

    The payroll department is a nightmare. The payroll department is the single biggest issue here, in honesty. My pay is consistently wrong, or just completely fubar.

    I’ve said enough to identify myself at this point. And god #### it, I don’t care anymore. Let them take what small revenge that they may have, in a labor shortage. I don’t care any more!
    I’m out! I’m done!

    #### it.

    Please. PLEASE. Take this into consideration. There’s a very specific reason Genox has had to lower it’s overall hiring criteria, and it’s because it’s not a good place to work.
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  3. haz-matguru

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    Feb 18, 2012
    Heard horror stories about this place in the past. But several former coworkers from the cryo world have gone there now. Genox and other carriers will always have work. As long as Matheson, Messer, Air Products, Airgas, & Praxair continue to have the rules that the do and driver facing cameras.

    I'm not for L/P at all. But many in my area say they are currently doing well with Genox. The uptick last yr into 2021 of LOX hauling. And ppl quiting the top 5 cryo companies have brought way more work to Genox.

    But somehow I bet it will turn sour. Like it has been done in the past when ppl were making $$$ and everyone was happy.
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