German Official Seeks to Limit Longhaul

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    Do YOU know, Biker? I don't. But, tell us, what taxes do they pay?

    I suspect you are making this up as well.

    So I challenge you to support your apparent (unexplicit) claim that vacation time in other countries is related to how much taxes people in those countries pay. Or that the fact that US workers have no legally mandated vacation time is related to the supposedly lower taxes US citizens pay.

    I challenge you to link to a single webpage/article or YouTube video that establishes the connection you make. Or list the keywords I could use in a google search to reach an article that addresses this connection that you allude to.

    Your claim seems to be: workers in other countries get more vacation time than US workers because taxes in other countries are higher.

    What is the basis of your claim? Or, are you making this up?

    Providing a single link or google search will do. But I doubt you can provide that.

    I suspect these kinds of comparisons (taxes in different countries) are very difficult to make; and do lend themselves more to an apples to oranges comparison. For example, even if income taxes are higher in other countries, other taxes may be substantially lower. Property taxes, for example, may be much lower. Or sales taxes. Plus, their higher taxes may provide more services such as higher education at public institutions costing much less--even being free. Or universal health care makes it so that individual people and businesses do not have to worry about the cost of health insurance.

    When it comes to statutory vacation time, the grass IS currently greener on the other side of the fence for workers in the USA. Even Mexican and Chinese workers have more statutorily mandated vacation time.
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