Get this mucus in throat only when on road

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    Oct 31, 2023
    Check under the house for mold. If it's a dirt crawl space you can go to Lowe's or similar hardware store and get thick black plastic sheet on a roll pretty cheap, like 6mil or 9 mil thick. Spread that down there and it's like a whole nother world when you do have to go down there for whatever. Worked for me. And in my case, this house whoever was in here had just cut a hole in the wood floor and run the dryer vent to the hole. Looked like there was snow under the whole house. At first didn't think much about it but then when I started reading on the Web about how flammable dryer lint is, I was shocked! I got a small shop vac and got 30yrs worth of lint out of there, and cut hole in the wall for the dryer vent. And I give you my word that I didn't use that round saw kit to cut holes in wood to cut a hole in my sister's room Wall and put a camera in it. Not me!!
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    You are not breathing through your nose at least at night and probably not nearly enough during the day. I had similar problems for my entire life before breathing strips were recommended to me a few years ago.

    They cover your mouth at night and force you to breathe through your nose though they do have a small slit in case you do need to breathe through your mouth. I have had fellow truckers use these and they clear up things like sleep apnea, post nasal drip, etc. I use a filter queen air filtration system in my truck and it helps but ultimately it will not solve the root cause of your problem nor will a humidifier by itself.

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    Aug 4, 2018
    Thanks I appreciate the advice but I actually have a full unfinished concrete/block basement.I don't have any water problems so no mold or anything down there.House was built in the seventies so I don't what is causing it.
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