Getting hung up

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  1. KDL Car Hauler Retired

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    Jun 1, 2024
    Getting hung up
    In my life time hauling Cars on a Super 9 Carrier or 10 Vehicle Carrier, I got hung a few times, mostly coming out of dealership driveways/parking lots from above ( going down grade (1 foot for every 20 feet )) then to level roadway , being forced to stop suddenly to cars racing around a right turn on a red, suddenly forcing me to break, and not drag the trailer with 6 inches of ground clearance in the middle over the drag point. The other situation (whitch never happened to me) is going off level ground to a steep downgrade driveway/parking lot. Look for all you new car haulers, load and off load on the ( shoulder if faily level) (right turn lane / right lane) best and ssfest fot me was the dedicated left turn lane in the middle of a multilane road in a city. Last note if there is any grade change more then 1 foot 30 don't even think of attempting it, you might get into the dealership alright because of your momentum, but going out if you have stop for traffic, and get hung up, It is going to cost you over a $1,000 dollars for a heavy tow truck to get you unstuck. Plus fines for blocking traffic. One big safety tip get three orange warning cones and when loading / loading put them out 20, 40 & 60 feet on a diagonal going away from your unloading ramps to give yourself a safe landing area behind the rsmps, They have saved my bacon more then once. Be especially vigilant when unchaining or chaining when out in traffic , I have heard the cones knocked over more then once and even had my jacket torn off while unchaining, stay safe, stay weary, I hope this long post has helped some new car hauler.
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    Sep 10, 2022
    The days of pulling onto lots are long gone in most of the big cities now. Usually it’s an off site or park on the side of the road and pray that everyone is paying attention.

    If you’ve been around that long we’ve probably crossed paths. I started a L’ Hansens and ended up a owner operator at Jack Cooper

    Most decently specd equipment will have a tractor and or trailer override switch so we can air up to gain 5 inches to clear, but you still never hit a driveway dead on.
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    Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport.