Getting tired of the Roehl game

Discussion in 'Roehl' started by ETCH5858, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Preacher Man

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    May 31, 2008
    Mason City, IL
    Read what I said! I made no infrence that etch is a danger at present. If you have ever been around the senior set you know the hardest thing is to give up the freedom that comes with being able to drive. An Associated Grocer driver slammed into a whole line of stopped cars on I-44 in OK. Was the fact that he was 76 years old a factor in to the accident? I don't know. The evidence was that he never even tried to brake. His testimony was that he thought someone had hit him. He had just started his day so fatique shouldn't have been an issue. That is my point. Combine an older driver losing his reaction time combined with forty tons and you have a deadly combination. Don't read into my comments something that isn't there.

    FYI- The Obama administration is in favor of mandatory retirement for truck drivers just like airline pilots.
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  3. mycorky

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    Aug 31, 2006
    Happy New Year to everyone! If you are driving OTR this holiday please watch out for yourselves....
  4. Skunk_Truck_2590

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    Feb 16, 2007
    Stonewall, LA.
    So they have that MPG minimum BS like Prime does? If so I'll look else where.
  5. Dr. Venture

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    Jun 29, 2008
    Ithaca, NY
    How does it feel to be middle age and bitter?
  6. Summit23

    Summit23 Light Load Member

    May 24, 2009
    You have to understand though Roehl is a company looking for profit like every other company out there. Roehl looks for a 6.8 mpg. That is the fleet avg. Think about this for one second. You have two drivers, over the past year they both drove 110,000 miles. One driver #1 got 6.0 mpg and the other driver #2 7.0 mpg. And we will also say that the price of diesel was a average of $2.72 a gallon. OK I'm about to spit out some numbers so follow me,

    110,000/6=18,333.33......18,333.33*2.72=$49,866.67--That's how much money driver #1 spent on the year for fuel

    110,000/7=15,714.29.......15,714.29*2.72=$42,742.87--That's how much money driver #2 spent on the for fuel

    Ok so that doesn't seem like too much for a fairly large company like Roehl but factor in they have an avg of 1,600 trucks on the road.

    49,866.67*1600=$79,786,672 How much Roehl will pay out if all there drivers were at 6 mpgs

    42,742.87*1600=$68,388,592 How much Roehl will pay out if all there drivers were at 7 mpgs

    A difference of just 1 mpg can cost or save up to $11,398,080... After looking at those numbers it makes total sense why a company would want people to watch their mpgs. If you are working for a company you should want the company as a whole to succeed not just you. And this is one of the biggest things you can do to help them succeed, by watching your mpgs along with driving safe and delivering on time... Hope this doesnt sound like a rant just wanted to let the numbers explain themselves.:biggrin_2551:
  7. spinpsychle

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    Oct 29, 2008
    New Brighton, MN
    There was a while there when they were threatening it, and I spent every minute of my offtime looking for other work. Eventually they stopped.

    A few months later, they got me out of that pos International and put me in a Freightliner, which raised my average mpg by about 1.0.
  8. Skunk_Truck_2590

    Skunk_Truck_2590 Road Train Member

    Feb 16, 2007
    Stonewall, LA.
    Yea but I played that BS game with Prime. Had the truck in and out of the shop so many #### times that the terminal was becoming my home rather then my real home itself. They were threating to fire me playing the blame game. I knew something wasn't right and when they asked me to run 55 and progressive shift to save fuel and give me a fuel bonus in return, I did for two week's and still kept getting my ### chewed for poor fuel milage. The truck I had started out at 64 MPH. Poor fuel milage resulted in it getting cut back to 60. MPG got even worse, they cut it back to 58. Last straw. The MPG got even worse just barely getting between 5.0-5.5 MPG after they had raised they MPG from 6.25 to 6.5 and didn't drive the truck any different. Kept my tire pressure up to par, truck had an over head done, replaced the EGR and continued to drive it like they asked and still put me to blame for the poor MPG and said you have one more chance to get it right or we are going to let you go. I said don't bother. Get me a load to the yard I'm not going to run this 55-58 BS anymore and I straight up quit. That's why I completely bypass companies that are anal about the fuel milage on their trucks because there is enough BS involved with companies pushing everything else on us and that's one less BS policy I can live without. At Prime I never saw a single penny of that so called "fuel bonus" only to get threats of getting #### canned. It's a ###### 80K pound truck not car. It's not going to get good fuel milage. I just don't think they see the light on this. Of course it's not their sorry ###' behind the wheel out on the road everyday to know what really goes on. They just go by what a #### computer tell's them.
  9. White Line

    White Line Light Load Member

    Aug 6, 2007
    Lexington KY
    42 and you already had 2 heart attacks???? Wow! That is a LOT of stress.What did you tell them at your DOT physical about the heart attacks?Hope everything is okay now.
  10. ETCH5858

    ETCH5858 Medium Load Member

    Feb 25, 2009

    It's not a problem for DOT. I take blood pressure meds which keep my blood pressure well below DOT requirements. I also do a yearly stress test and must give those results to the doctor that does my DOT physical. As long as my heart flow is a certain percentage or better I get issued a one year card. My heart is much better now. I have no problems with it. I was a heavy smoker back then and the doctor said that along with my stress were the two factors.
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  11. ghop1988

    ghop1988 Bobtail Member

    May 26, 2010
    There are some people who do it because they enjoy it, such as myself, not just because we have 'limited options'. I've only been driving for a year now and it has its good days and its bad like any job, but i cant think of anything else I'd rather be doing, and yes, I have other options, im not stuck here. oh. and mind your business about other peoples finances.
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