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    Jan 25, 2018
    Guys that have been through the glass program OTR for Maverick, how would you describe your experience during training and once you finally got your own keys? I will be starting for them next year as a new driver once I separate from the Navy. I'm closest to the terminal in Burkburnett, TX but they said I won't be running out of there much. I guess they have their dedicated guys run out of there.

    My main questions:
    How much more difficult/easier than regular flatbed is the glass division?
    What miles can I realistically expect to run? They advertise 2200-2400 per week.
    How is your hometime? They advertise 10-14 days out.​
    Also, I'll be going through their CDL sponsorship program if you can speak to that at all.
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    Oct 23, 2015
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    Their training program is top-notch, and I have found them to be a company that stands by their word and tries to do the right thing.

    As far as miles on the OTR account, if you do go home every 10 to 14 days it will be challenging for you to average those advertised miles, in my opinion. Living near Burkburnett Texas will be helpful though because a significant portion of our freight comes out of there.

    If you are interested in the dedicated account that runs out of Burkeburnett you could ask to be put on a waiting list if there are no openings at the time you hire in. The regional dedicated account offers a weekly guaranteed minimum pay regardless of the miles you run, and you would be home at least weekly.

    I am on what is considered a dedicated account, but it is really a hybrid because we run the 48 and Canada and do mostly 3 to 4 day trips. Our account requires a minimum of three weeks out, but most of us on the account stay out for months at a time. Currently, about 80% of my loads come out of Burkeburnett Texas. There is a lengthy waiting list for this particular account, and we are compensated like the OTR drivers without guarantees. We are considered dedicated in that we typically only haul for one particular manufacturer.

    I cannot speak to their CDL training program.

    In my opinion, the glass division is more enjoyable than flatbed because all of your tarping and securement must be done out of the elements to avoid damaging the product. In other words, inside. You are essentially doing flatbed work, and will pull flat beds, step decks, and double drop trailers. The compensation in the glass division is higher than in the flatbed division. In the general OTR division you will also occasionally haul steel, lumber, or other typical flatbed freight as a back haul. That is not the case on the dedicated accounts.

    One more comment about home time. They work very diligently to make sure that you are home when you need to be. In fact, you often arrive earlier than you requested. However, it makes it more difficult to run a lot of miles when that happens. As a result, many drivers find themselves staying out longer hoping to improve their opportunities. But I also know many drivers who religiously go home every two weeks and seem to be quite happy. It's just a matter of what works for each individual.

    Overall, I personally enjoy hauling glass very much, and I am quite pleased with my experience here thus far. The culture is quite good in my opinion, and they run good equipment and take care of it as well.
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    The above reply is very good and should be helpful to you. For information on the cdl program at Maverick search out Neil Shane Otts on YouTube, he's currently in the program and has been keeping a daily diary.
    Good luck!
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    Jan 25, 2018
    So much great info! I really look forward to getting my CLD and joining the Maverick team. It's really just going to be the first step towards getting my own authority eventually, but exciting nonetheless. And cheers to indoor tarping! I'm good with that haha.. You clearly seem to be enjoying maverick, so I'll make sure to hit you up if I have any questions about them. I'm hoping I get a trainer with similar interests as me. Otherwise, that will make for an awkward 3-5 weeks.
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    Jan 25, 2018
    Sweet, I'll check him out.
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