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    Hey mods:: Will you guys do a HOW TO START A THREAD post? And lock the thing! AT least tell someone 1) company name 2) (optional)address 3) town 4) reread and correct grammar and spelling! The street address is optional but in this post there was no mention of location and then I thought they were located in Memphis TN (by, Hotrod628) but then Seatcover comes in with a South Haven MS (yes I know it's sitting on the state line but still!) then fourttrks says Memphis again! :biggrin_2556: But for some of the smaller companies that are not as well known or a bigger one with a terminal located someplace else and you hired on there let us know as some terminals run differently than others and even the main office! Let us know the information first! Now, about the spell checker..ah... never mind. I don't think there is one for checking redneck (Yes I AM a redneck!) or 6th grade drop out so I guess I'll stop here while I'm ahead!:biggrin_25520:
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    If you would actually read the whole thing you will notice that Go Trans/Truck Max was in Memphis the Southaven MS was for the new collections agency that they opened. Now if you must be technical Go Trans was located at 157 S. Parkway E, Memphis Tn (They had another address over by the Swift Terminal when I first started with them) then when Go Trans filed Bankruptcy they started Trux Max still at the same address. When they finally were kicked out they moved over to W. Trigg by Truck Pro. They filed chapter 11 after selling off all their assets according to my source. Staurt then opened up a collections agency in Southampton MS that all the crooks now work for. Yes I know I am calling them a crook and if they would like to try to sue they can go ahead as I can prove they are crooks. But as GO TRANS / Trux Max are now DEFUNCT this whole company post is actually useless.
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    That's never been so obvious. Instead of worrying about someone's spelling, why don't you focus on your lack of comprehension of a subject.

    Let me put it in simpleton terms just for you! GoTrans/Trux Max no longer exists and yes they were in Memphis, TN. They started a new company under someone else's name and it's called Baxter and Bailey, ironically a collection agency, which is now located in Southaven, MS. Do you comprehend now or was that too much for you all at once?
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