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Discussion in 'Boyd' started by THEPRIZEFIGHTER, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. Trashtrucker1265

    Trashtrucker1265 Road Train Member

    Dec 14, 2009
    Inverness, Fl
    Sucks to hear, even though I don't know you I don't think you would have liked the water anyway, those frac water guys are worked to death I honestly believe you have a better life as an OTR driver so I hope it all works out with Boyd, move on down to Alabama and run the southeast for them and enjoy the sunshine and warm temps. My wife and I are headed back to Florida this year after living here in Wash. PA for a year, counting down the days...........
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  3. Rigel519

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    Oct 18, 2011
    W OH
    Just got done with my trainer! Next week I go back to Birmingham for securement training. For those that live in the ohio area as I do, I will get on every once and a while to post on how its going. As for my time with my trainer it was good. He showed me a lot and took the time to explain things. The home time for me was kinda strange but they took good care of me. As it happened a perfect storm of what ifs happened, all being said i was away from home for 24 days. They routed us back to the terminal and sent me home for a long weekend (4 days at home) to make up for it. I guess to was a thanks for the understanding and not complaining about it gift. Or thats how i'm looking at it. Home this weekend for another 3 day weekend before securement. Hope things go well and the miles are there for me but from everything ive heard from other drivers ill be running like crazy up here. Im still new and have a lot to learn but so far we (my family and I ) are very happy here.
  4. mhhousley

    mhhousley Bobtail Member

    Nov 20, 2011
    Hey guys, I thought I would update on this thread since I contributed to it a while back...

    Boyd Bros is an OK company. They have nice equipment (International Prostars) and they use the PeopleNet system for sending and receiving messages. The peoplenet also has a GPS built in that works So-So... I have one complaint, that is pretty significant with Boyd Bros... I was dispatched my FOURTH LOAD by myself that I picked up in South Carolina. I secured it, and tarped it, AS TRAINED, the load was rained on for 3 days straight and was subsequently rejected by the customer because it was rusty. Mind you, it was a little rusty but it wasn't that bad. They told me that it shouldn't have been delivered tarped, and that it should have came in a covered flatbed or dry-van. When I informed dispatch I was told to find a place to go to bed, and check back in the morning. In the morning they told me to deliver it elsewhere. I got start-stop pay for the trip, plus the additional miles. I thought it was forgotten about. Two weeks later I was told that I owed them $2500 for a cargo claim and that it would come out at $50 a week. Being brand new as a driver and with the company, I didn't argue. The next day I did call the guy in charge of the cargo claims and pleaded my case to him. I later learned that it was reduced to $1000. I was still infuriated and heart-broken over the situation. When I later confronted a terminal manager (I won't name names) I was told that if it was going to bother me, that I should just quit, or pay it and get over it. I couldn't quit with less than 6 months of experience (which I now have) so I paid it off as quickly as I could and I now don't owe them a dime.

    I had to break down in my first truck 4 separate times before I was finally assigned a "new" truck. It only has 103K on it so I'm pleased with it. I really feel though that they really handled this cargo claim dishonestly. Every other Boyd driver I've talked to said I should have raised hell, demanded to see the paperwork, yadda yadda yadda, but I really don't have the time or room in my life for more drama. Everyone also said they never had to pay a dime for a cargo claim, and if everything I described is true and accurate, then I shouldn't have either. I don't know, maybe I could have avoided paying it, maybe not, all I know is that I did pay it and it is definitely something worth considering when choosing Boyd Bros. as your employer, or any other flat-bed carrier.

    I was aware of the $2500 responsibility when I hired on, but I always assumed that was if you dumped a load of plywood on the interstate or a coil in a parking lot or something. I was wrong. I was also told that my $400 deposit that I paid already was not eligible to be applied to the cargo claim! :biggrin_2555:

    I was also later told by Boyd that I should have put plastic on the load if I knew the tarps weren't the best shape (I didn't know that at the time)

    My trainer I trained with showed me how to tarp, and we never had any problems. We always tarped loads and if they were a little rusty, it was no big deal. Tarps keep material from getting soaked, not wet.

    If anyone has any questions, please post in this thread or send me a message. I follow this thread regularly.

    Best of luck to any and all of you regardless of who you are working for or intend to...
  5. old school hevyhauler

    old school hevyhauler Bobtail Member

    Sep 7, 2011
    Fort Bragg, NC
    Hate to tell you, friend.... they just screwed you out of $1000. What they did, they used you to pay their deductible on their cargo insurance, resold the load for about what it was worth, and offered to run you off, because you questioned it. unfortunately, there are too many people in need of a job, so they get away with it. Not sure how long you've been there, but just wait! Time out will get longer, and your checks will get shorter..... unless you're one of the Birmingham boys....
    Remember, a hungry driver is a "happy" driver.
  6. soilderboy73

    soilderboy73 Light Load Member

    Jun 28, 2012
    Henderson, KY
    i was wondering what kinda trainning i may have todo. i'm fixing to go back to school next week to get my CDL back. I drove commercialy for 7 years up till 2000 when i went in the Active duty Army and while there i drove pretty all the trucks they got and trained folks there as well and just recently got out. I had to let the CDL go cause it was a bit hard to keep up my DOT physical while i was stationed in Korea.
  7. lilkrisf1984

    lilkrisf1984 Bobtail Member

    Jul 10, 2012
    New Albany, Indiana
    I live in southern Indiana, Louisville KY area and am about to start my orientation with Boyd Bros on the 7-16-2012 does anyone know if they ship much through this area and the other question I had was the last week before your training is over when you have to go for the securment training is it a hard thing to learn and what all do you have to do during that training? Thanks and any help would be much appreciated
  8. slapshot

    slapshot Bobtail Member

    Aug 12, 2012
    wherever I may roam
    Heard that loud and clear. Oh yeah their sticking it to the bham boys now too. They put them all on salary when they started making too much money! What a joke! :biggrin_25512:
  9. teqntexas

    teqntexas Medium Load Member

    Jan 25, 2012
    Ft. Worth Tx.
    so i have an offer from Boyd for "Texas regional." i've been told by the recruiter that it would mainly be Texas, OK and Louisiana. Anybody have any experience on this route or any of Boyd's regional runs? i'll be a flatbed rookie, not to excited about dragging around the tarps but the money they've offered is much better than what i'm getting pulling a refer right now plus 7-12 days out vs 21-28 sounds very interesting.
  10. j&jbuck

    j&jbuck Light Load Member

    Sep 26, 2011
    ward, sc

    i live down in mccormick sc, how is the frieght in our area and hometime and how much do they pay? i got 6 months draggin a reefer right now, wanna pull
    a skatebaord though.
  11. pmurcyard

    pmurcyard Light Load Member

    Jun 13, 2011
    Dude... leave this company and go to van as soon as you can. Look at my thread on Boyd. It was an absolute nightmare! Worst company ive been with in 10 years. I was treated like garbage.
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