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Discussion in 'Melton' started by dave01282000, Jul 16, 2021.

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    Jun 16, 2021
    New England
    Afternoon folks...planning to use GI benefits to attend CDL school this fall and particularly interested in flatbed. I live in Maine which is outside of several flatbed company hiring maps, but thanks to @Chinatown for the Melton suggestion as they hire throughout the lower 48. They do exclude all of New England for "domicile changes for home time" but I'm not sure what that means exactly?

    It looks like they're vet friendly and they advertise tuition reimbursement for recent CDL graduates. The plan is to stay OTR for at least a couple years to gain the experience. A rough goal is to swing by home at least every 4-6 state is in their "3-4 weeks out" zone on the map so that part looks good as well.

    For the experienced drivers out there, do you think Melton is a good choice to learn flatbed for a newbie trying to break into the industry?

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